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Wisdom teeth (bottoms) appointment for extraction



Junior member
Jun 21, 2018
Has anyone else put this off for EVER? I was told they needed immediate removal 15 years ago, yes I've put it off for a while. I have an appointment June 30 at 10 am and already am freaking out :( The biggest reasons for my extreme fear are I had a terrible dentist remove my top wisdom teeth one which wasn't numb and I told him several times but he said he was positive I was, really guy?! and just kept pulling it wasn't as terrible as it probably sounds really bad pain for a few seconds then my entire body went numb. The dentist who reffered me to a PLASTIC surgeon because in his words "your tooth roots on both sides are extremely long and run right threw the 2 main nerves in your face, there is a good chance you will look like you had a stroke if those are even slightly nicked, a PLASTIC surgeon has much more nerve experience than an oral surgeon" scared the crap out of me. My son broke his jaw at school and happened to end up with an INCREDIBLE oral surgeon who I started asking questions about my wisdom teeth 5 years ago lol I'm a procrastinator. I told him what the dentist had told me he was appalled and said that was literally the stupidest thing he ever heard.I told him that I seen the xray and my roots were really long and also noticed they were going straight threw nerves in my face. He then out of pure curiosity did a free panoramic xray. He said wow those are the longest roots I've ever seen lol (he's head of oral surgery at 2 major hospitals) but he also added that the other dentist was a complete crackpot and should have never said sich a tging as that would NOT happen worse case scenario would be a bit of numbness in my lower lip WORST POSSIBLE CASE. I've went to him to have both teeth next to my wisdom removed, due to the wisdom teeth crushing them:( No problems one awake one knocked out, I don't like the noises. Both went great. Scared to death of these wisdoms though, still :( 15 years of constant pain and infections and misery....and STILL worried best possible surgeon hands down. Anyone else put this off far to long?
I put mine off for about the same amount of time - from the time I was a teenager to the time I was 30. My roots were also ridiculously long. On the bottom right, the roots wouldn’t come out. The oral surgeon left them there and I’ve had no issues and don’t ever expect to (I had them out 10 years ago).

Good luck and please let us know how it goes!
Thanks? I think Ive googled way too much!
Step away from the google :). But seriously, it’s really not going to help. One thing my dentist said before I got mine out that was really helpful is that I should just keep telling myself that once they were out, I never had to go through that again and I never had to worry about them again.
I think google came up with the worst possible horror stories for me :( I just keep telling myself it will be OVER, and that's got to be a good think, because these have made me miserable soooooo many times. Thank you❤
I still have a wisdom tooth on the lower left that my dentist said to remove many years ago. I was 16 at the time, now nearly 20 years later it's still there. I want to get it out next year.