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Wisdom Teeth Cavity Fillings



Junior member
Aug 2, 2013
I'm getting 2 fillings on my bottom 2 wisdom teeth, and I'm pretty freaked out. My dentist said it's going to be very difficult filling them since they are in the very back. I was just wondering, are there any complications with the fillings? And what happens after the fillings? I'm pretty scared because I don't have very good memories of my past fillings, and I remember the freezing needle being very painful :cry: (I'm 18 years old.)
Filling your wisdom teeth is hard because of how far back in the mouth they are and the difficulty in isolating them. Other than that, they should feel no different than any other filling you've had unless they are real deep and get close to the nerve. Regardless, the shot is necessary so you don't feel the procedure. You should be fine a few days/weeks following the fillings. Hope this helps.