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Wisdom teeth coming up...high risk surgery...

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Sorry, you probably get a bunch of these but I hope you are willing to hear me out and let me know what you think.

panoramic x-ray - http://puu.sh/sbiUo/3bdda9b6b2.jpg

(26 male)

The oral surgeon basically said there's not really a point in doing a cone beam ct as he can see the tooth is basically touching the nerve.

He said I was at high risk for permanent nerve damage and would estimate 5%-10% of having permanent nerve damage.

Well, I'm nervous as fuck to say the least. I can't imagine going through life with half my face numb...seems like it would be hard to eat...talk...do anything really.

Is there any other options besides to just extract them? If it must be done, should I search for the very best dentist I can find/travel to do it? If it would minimize the chance for damage I'm willing to pay much more.

They aren't really bothering me right now....I'm also considering just waiting until they do, but at the state they seem to be in wouldn't buy me much time.

I guess I'm just hoping for some reassurance and your opinions.

Thanks for reading.
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I hope your condition got better. If you don't mind me asking, what did you end up doing?
I’m high risk as well and I had a wisdom teeth that was really on a nerve more than yours. I didn’t come out of the surgery nerve damage free, but I’m pretty sure that I didn’t get any permanent damage. I am still recovering from it. It’s not really as horrible as you may think it is. I was able to talk and eat fine enough. You would probably get some sort of numbness, but I don’t think it be permanent. Getting a really good oral surgeon would be a good idea because of the nerves. The one I went to does like face trauma surgery and some complicated dental stuff. It wouldn’t hurt to see other surgeons since your teeth aren’t hurting you there’s no real rush.
:clover: 5%-10% are still quite good odds! Besides, most nerve damage heals in weeks or months of the procedure and from what I've read does not cause paralysis.

I did a little research and apparently, nerve troubles usually just amount to some tingling and numbness....which would be annoying at first, but I reckon a person would start getting used to it even before it healed. <3