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Wisdom Teeth Extraction holes, food, etc.



Junior member
Jul 29, 2008

Just had my two lower wisdom teeth out this past Friday. Recovering well.

I'm wondering about the gaping holes that have been left over. What happens if food gets caught in them? I had a little scare because I was chewing some gum in the front of my mouth (sugarless) and a piece got caught in one of the holes. I managed to dislodge it carefully. What happens when gum (always sugarless) and/or food gets caught in there??? Is it dangerous? I can't fathom having to dig in the hole to dislodge food. So far, just the gum has stuck in there and I will be extra careful next time.

So, in short, how long are these holes there and is there a danger of food getting in them?



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Verified dentist
Oct 11, 2007
Having a little bit of Gorgonzola with crackers!
Sometimes bits will get lodged in the extraction openings, but usually as the area heals up the tissues should displace the material eventually. The dentist can give a curved, plastic Monoject syringe to you if they feel it best that you irrigate the area to help remove debris.

The holes can take many weeks to fill in and reshape themselves over months so just do your best to avoid getting particles of food in them if you can. If you find it quite bothersome, you certainly can ask your dentist for that syringe to use.