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Wisdom teeth extraction timeline vs. root canal timeline



Well-known member
Aug 13, 2014
For fully erupted or nearly fully erupted wisdom teeth, is the extraction procedure from the time of the numbing injection to when the tooth is out generally quicker than that of a root canal procedure? If I've been able to get through a root canal without much difficulty, should I be able to get through a wisdom tooth extraction (one side only with local anesthetic only) just as well?

I know for me,, all of my wisdom teeth removals were pretty quick , and with local only. way quicker than root canals.
I had my upper left wisdom tooth out a few years ago - they’re not extracted as standard in the U.K. - and it was seconds between the dentist asking if I could feel anything sharp and whether I wanted to see the tooth.

I had a local, and between walking into the surgery and walking back out it was less than 15 minutes, including checking in, and using the loo after the extraction.
If you handled a root canal treatment, you will definitely handle the extractions. My teeth were out in 5 minutes or so.