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Wisdom teeth extraction under general anaesthetic



Junior member
Dec 5, 2014
Hello everyone,

I did post about this on the support forum but thought this would be a better place to post.
I'm having my 2 lower wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthetic tomorrow in hospital and I am so terrified.
I'm not scared of having the teeth removed. I'm just so scared something will go wrong with the general anaesthetic :( Even though my wisdom teeth cause me such pain and discomfort I'm really tempted to cancel the surgery xx


Junior member
Dec 15, 2014
Burlington, VT
In my opinion, there is absolutely no reason for general anesthetic. They can be removed with a local only, with no pain. I just had all four removed with a local only, and one of the bottom two was so deeply impacted it took the surgeon as long to remove it as the other three combined. The whole thing took about an hour. All I felt was pressure from the pulling and the vibration of the drill.

If a dental surgeon insists on anesthesia or conscious sedation even if you don't want it, RUN! Unless you're so anxious that you can't do it any other way, I feel there's no benefit to you. If you're nervous, ask for a valium. Better yet, take some valerian root tincture. It will take the edge off your anxiety without making you loopy. Good luck.


Junior member
Dec 29, 2014
Just the thought of that makes me want to throw up. I'm one of the special few that is immune to local anesthesia. Any of the 'caine based drugs burn out of my body in seconds. I found out when I was having a filling done and was told by the dentist that he couldn't legally give me any more. A nice journey through hell that day.

My dentist wants to pull 2 of my wisdom teeth, cavities at the gum line. I carry stress in my jaw by clenching, it makes the sides of my molars flake. He referred me to an oral surgeon who told me that it's impossible for the pain killers to not work.

But I've also had stitches twice and another procedure, all of which essentially without painkillers, 3 doctors that have given my their card with the request I have the oral surgeon contact them about me. About 6 months ago I broke a tooth and had a crown done. Dentist put me under and gave me the shots while I was out, he again maxed out. He got me "mostly" numb, enough for him to work but had to repeatedly stop because the pain kept pulling me awake. And I found out last night that I've had a medical paper written about me. To say I'm dreading the wisdom teeth is like saying ww2 was a minor disagreement. I get nauseous just thinking about it.


Junior member
Jan 14, 2015
I got all four of my teeth removed under "IV sedation", which may be different from "general anesthesia", but whatever you call it I was completely out and woke up with no awareness of what had happened. My oral surgeon told me that he definitely recommended it for someone getting all 4 out and that the main reason it wasn't done more commonly was that many oral surgeons travel around and operate out of different dentists' offices and so don't have the capability to do IV sedation (my oral surgeon has his own office).

I was hesitant as I'd never been sedated before, but it turned out to be THE BEST. He put the IV in and what seemed like 5 seconds later (it was actually more like 25 minutes) I opened my eyes and the procedure was over. I didn't even realize he had done it. I experienced no nausea or other adverse affects and even took the train home by myself afterwards (I sat in the office for half an hour afterwards to make sure it had worn off sufficiently, but I felt pretty okay). Much preferred in my opinion to listening to the drill and watching a surgeon and all his tools get all up in my mouth for half an hour.

Obviously everyone is different but that was my experience...