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Wisdom teeth food/cartilage stuck in hole???



Junior member
Jan 9, 2014
So I had my four wisdom teeth pulled out 3 weeks ago. So I'm fine in terms of pain and all that stuff. But I've a hole on each side of my gum at the bottom. And this past week it feels like I've some food stuck there. No matter how much water with swishing and syringe it I went, nothing worked. So finally I got a small pick and tried removing it. It felt kind of like a cartilage which is why I guess it wouldn't come out. But after a while I gave up. Sadly it seems like it is more stuck than ever in the hole and it bleed a little and hurts a tiny bit. Nothing major. What should I do?
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

It could be a bit of bone working it's way through your gums, this can happen and is quite normal. It should work it's way out on it's own, but sometimes they do cause pain and of course with you trying to remove it you have probably made the gum sore. As anyone would.

I would either wait and see if it come's out on it's own, or make an appointment and the dentist can remove it. I have heard on here that if you rub a bit of bread over these shards of bone they sometimes loosen and come out. They can be quite painful until they do come out, they can take days or weeks. Everyone is different.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover::clover::clover:
Hi, I'm going through something very similar, but I don't dare using anything else than the syringe. Would you share how your story ended? All this caring for such a long time can be very stressful! I'm just a little past week 2.