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WISDOM TEETH help 4 days post op



Junior member
Jun 9, 2018
Hello, so I got my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday morning, its now Friday evening. My right jaw is hurting very bad. It goes away when I take ibeprofen, but then comes back about 2 hours later.

I called the dentist and he told me to take the oxi codon that they prescribed me and I would be fine. Now I have noticed if I touch my tougue on that extraction site it tastes weird. There is also white puss coming out of it. The denist told me it wouldn't be infected this soon, but I also didn't explain the white puss situation because I didn't realize it.

I'm extra worried because I got all four out and only one of them is bothering me like this. I would call the dentist again but quite frankley I'm in the military and I am not trying to get an officer mad at me. I will only call if I seriously need to. Please any advice will help.
Day 4 is often the worst, so I’m hoping you start to get some relief from here. Also, the white stuff is most likely granulation tissue which is a normal part of healing. Try not to look at or touch the extraction sites. You can also rinse with warm salt water and use ice on your face which might give some relief as well. I’d say if you get a fever or if you still feel no better on Monday, you should call the dentist again.