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Wisdom teeth+molar extraction complications–help!



Junior member
Jun 10, 2007
So this is long, but you other worriers out there will understand, and doctors, please tell me why all this has happened!!!

So, about one week ago on Friday June 1st, I had all of my wisdom teeth out plus all of my 2nd molars for a grand total of 8 teeth. This ordeal has been nothing but hell, and I have had so many complications and question’s I feel like the oral surgeon’s calling center will shoot me if they have to listen to me whine and worry one more time. Let me explain why I have been calling so much…..

Day one I spend bleeding– fine whatever, I just had 8 teeth out it was to be expected, nothing out of the ordinary. Day 2 was actually fine – I was feeling better eating etc... Day 3 intense pain began and my mouth filled with this noxious yellow liquid, which I assumed to be pus. I was already on Cyndamaycin antibiotics, so I didn’t worry too much about it, but I did give the surgeon’s office a call - they told me it might be dry sockets ad I should come in the next day (Monday morning), however I felt bad for calling and thought they had to be wrong because I don’t smoke and I followed the doctors instructions as carefully as possible. So I declined to have my teeth looked at the next day and said I would wait and see if things improved. Monday went alright, so I let well enough alone.

Tuesday evening (day 5 after surgery), I had the shock of my life. I had just hopped into the shower after brushing my teeth carefully and swishing with salt water. I was stretching my jaw and all of a sudden things didn’t feel right. I began to absolutely gush blood out of the right side of my mouth. It was way more blood than I had ever seen in my life and I called the doctor after about five minute fiddling completely unsuccessfully with some gauze. This was at about 10:00 pm. They told me keep pressure on it and only worry if I can’t stop the bleeding in 1- 2 hours. So, I wedged some more useless gauze back there and put pressure not only from my bite but by hand from the outside of my mouth because I could not tell where all of this awful bleeding was coming from. For 45 minutes I bleed and bleed and bleed. Finally it eased up and I took my hand away for a moment to shift (one’s hand does get a bit uncomfortable after being in the same spot applying intense pressure for 45 minutes). The second I removed my hand low and behold tons more blood.

At that point I asked my boyfriend to just take me to the hospital because I was just so scared that I was loosing that much blood. To be blunt I had already soaked through 3 towels and I assumed I had lost at very lease 1 pint or 2, maybe more. He said no one goes to the hospital because of a little blood, you got it to stop once, just put more pressure on it and don’t move. 45 minutes later I finally got it entirely stopped, but, when I took my hand away, new localized numbness of my chin, lip, and lower teeth appeared. I woke up the poor doctor (this was 1:30 am) crying and terrified. He said I was okay, because I had gotten the bleeding to stop and I should visit the office in the morning.

Low and behold, I go in, and they tell me besides indeed having dry sockets on the bottom, everything looks fine. How allllll of that can happen and everything can be relatively fine??? I don’t know. They told me the numbness would subside, put in the clove packing and sent me on my way. So here I am day 8, numb in the chin and SO tired of all of this.

I woke up this morning with stiffness on that same right side and a swollen lip. I guess what I am asking is if there is anything my doctor could have missed? Could there be a serious problem here? A bone spur, some infection (though I am still on antibiotics for one more day), something? Why would my lip swell? Why can I feel a little knob on the right side of the jaw when I run my finger along the outside? (the left is rather fine) Should I be able to open up my mouth all the way by now? Maybe this is all dry socket related, maybe I am just being phobic, but please somebody help me.
Re: Wisdom teeth+molar extraction complications–he

I had my wisdoms (only) out a few weeks ago and had numbness on one side of my chin/lip for over a week, and it has since gradually subsided, so I would just make sure your surgeon is aware of that and keeps tabs. If you've had dry socket (and that does sound like dry socket) you should be having regular appointments with your surgeon. I didn't have dry socket, just the numbness, and I still had a one week after post op, then three weeks, and now a month, and he told me to call and come in any time I have pain/swelling/bleeding even this long after surgery (it's about three and a half weeks now).

All the other questions you ask at the end are best asked at your surgeon's. They should be able to give you some kind of answers and at least an idea of how improved you should be at what point. I would really keep in contact with them and be very honest with all your concerns. It also does take some time to start using the mouth entirely funtionally again. I'm sure your mouth isn't completely opening at this point because of the dry socket. Try to exercise it as much as you can and ask the surgeon how long it might be until it opens fully. I assume since you had eight teeth out the recovery might be a bit longer than having four out, but I do not know that for sure. I know for me its been rather gradual.

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