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Wisdom Teeth out Tomorrow! Petrified with Fear!!



Junior member
May 20, 2018
Hi guys,

I have to get one lower right partially “bony” impacted tooth out tomorrow and they also want to take the others (only uppers on both sides, full out and never gave me problems. I am 35 and female. (Haha, not sure if that matters)

I already have anxiety disorder but this has me petrified with fear. I even cried at the consult appointment. I can’t eat or sleep.

My fears/questions:

- Shoukd I do IV sedation? I haven’t ever been out under and that scares me in itself. They use Ketamine, Fentanyl and Versed. I’m terrified of having an allergic reaction, not waking up, gagging or chocking and not being able to tell them, or just going through hell but not remembering because of the versed (amnesiac). I know that sounds weird, cause if it is awful, why would you want to remember , but I want to know what’s happening to me.

- Wheter you were put out or not, did you wake up gagging on gauze?

- I had Invisalign braces and couldn’t even use those at first cause they made me gag.

Should I just opt to do one side? I don’t like the idea of my entire throat being numb and feeling like I can’t swallow

If I do IV sedation, will it feel scary as I “go out” how long before I am myself waking up? I hate all those you tube videos of people being crazy. We’re they too sedated? Can I ask for light sedstion?

I am so terrified. Anyone else have these fears? What did you do? What should I do?

I should also mention my dr gave me 20mg of Valium for tonight and to take tomorrow morning. He said he will use laughing gas before he puts me out as well, but maybe I should just do those two?

Is there any chance of waking up in a panic? Or does it feel like Xanax, Valium, benzo feeling?

Thank you and so sorry for all my scared-ness


Super Moderator
Staff member
Jul 26, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD

Hi, I'm sorry I just saw this and don't know if you already had your procedure, but I hope it goes well for you and all is peaceful. Please let us know how it went !


Nov 4, 2017
Hey SuperDuper,

Sorry if this is too late and you've already had the procedure - in which case please tell us how it went! Was it ok? What kind of sedation did you have in the end?

All I can do is reassure you that IV sedation is like a safer, better version of GA. Ugh, fuckin' hell, don't even get me started on those hellish youtube videos I HATE them. DON'T watch them it'll just frighten you more. Someone told me on here that you say loopy stuff when coming round from GA, not IV sedation anyway. I didn't say anything loopy when I had mine (what's versed btw? is that midazolam? That's what I had - I'm in the UK and we don't use brand names!)

Basically, they injected it into me (I had NO diazepam/valium and no laughing gas beforehand) there was a second of feeling weird then NOTHING until the recovery room - it was great! I remembered nothing! It was like GA only a hell of a lot better. Then after about 20 minutes the nurses said I could go, I went home and had a nap woke up feeling grumpy. The next day I was a bit low (but I have mood problems anyway, so eh) then the next day after that I felt GREAT, so proud of myself.

Just know that IV is totally safe and the dentist knows how much to give you and how to give it to you to make it as safe and pleasant an experience as possible for you. They've done it before hundreds of times - they'll know what to do, I promise you.

Bear hugs for being so brave, :bear::bear::bear: