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Wisdom Teeth Out Tomorrow- Trying Hard to stay strong!



Jul 30, 2009
Hi everyone. I am getting all four wisdom teeth out tomorrow under general anesthesia. I am 36 years old and the bottom two are about halfway out and the top two are fully out. I know it could be worse, but with my anxiety that logic isn't helping me. I have finally gotten myself back to the dentist after fear kept me away for 6 years. Before that it was 9 years. This is why I am just now getting my wisdom teeth out. Things I'm mostly scared about:

Nausea- I had GA when I was 12 and it didn't happen but I'm scared it will now. Nothing sends me into a panic attack more than the fear of throwing up.

Pain- Since I am so scared of throwing up I don't want any narcotic pain killers. The other day a 200mg ibuprofen upset my stomach. I don't want anything in my IV and I want to try to get by with Tylenol. Is this even possible?

Damage & Recovery- I know I waited too long. They say it's worse after 30.

Blood- I keep reading about copious amounts of blood pouring out of people's mouths- I know stay off the internet! I am scared I won't clot.

My bottom right is decayed and hurts a lot. The bottom left apparently has an infection, but just wasn't causing me noticeable grief. The top two will probably be nothing to take out in relation. I need people who know about this fear of dental procedures to help me get a grasp on this anxiety. Nobody else gets how scared being scared is for me. People say, "Yeah I don't like the dentist either." They have no idea!


Jan 15, 2007
United States
I had my wisdom teeth out last year (along with 5 other teeth) and it really wasn't so bad at all. If you take your pain meds on schedule, you will be fine. I, too, suffered from HORRIBLE dental phobia my whole life (I'm 46) and avoided the dentist. Guess what? Getting my teeth taken care of was one of the best decisions in my life (though it took years and years for me to find the courage).
You won't remember ANYTHING about the extractions and when you get back home you will probably sleep on and off for the rest of the day. I didn't experience any real pain, just mild soreness.


May 9, 2016
Well done for getting going with this.

I'd just add that it is totally nothing to worry about with GA. But long term, that won't address the phobia so you need to force yourself - whilst you're still in 'dental mode' - to find a dentist you can trust, visit regularly, maybe get a hygiene appointment - and start to tackle the phobia.

I say this because I didn't go to the dentist from age 10 (when my mother died and dad stopped taking me) to about 28 when I had to go for some extractions. This was done under GA and I felt so proud of myself after. Then, promptly, failed to go to the dentist for another 20 years... So having everything done under GA dealt with nothing.

In 2008 I had all that neglect reversed under IV sedation which the dentist actually kind of lifted towards the end - whilst she was doing the final fillings, I 'came to' and realised it was totally painless. Which whilst it didn't cure me of the phobia entirely made me able to them tolerate procedures with just a local. And it is the best thing I have ever done. I still get nervous (and just had an 18 month period of avoidance, which I can now see just fed the old phobia). But am now back on track and intend to stay on track.

In other words - GA will deal with the immediate problem but it will do nothing for your phobia/nervousness long term. So I'd start to address that whilst you're healing.

Good luck and well done, though!