Wisdom teeth out


Park Min Jeong

Junior member
Aug 14, 2009
I had my wisdom teeth out just today and I would like to share my experience with everyone else that is worried or anxious about getting it done.

My story was a success story - I was under IV sedation and the process took about 30 minutes. Four of my wisdom teeth were removed (2 impacted, 2 not) and the process was painless. Apart from the tiny nip of the IV injection, I do not remember anything of the operation except getting driven home.

Right now I have gauze until they stop bleeding, and I am taking medication prescribed by my Oral Surgeon - pain killers and anti-swelling medication. The pain is relatively gone after just a few hours, and I am able to eat small foods. The gauze in my mouth should be the last I have to take. I expect to make a full recovery in a week or so.

Just remember to take the medication prescribed by the Oral Surgeon and you should be fine. They tend to try as hard as they can to make the process relatively quick, easy, and painless for the patient.

Good luck! :)