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Wisdom teeth removal - a wonderful experience



Junior member
Nov 11, 2013
To all that may be scared about upcoming wisdom teeth removals.

Let me just say that I was overcome with the most terrible fear for months before, not being able to see beyond it, having nightmares and being SO so scared in general.
I had a valium an hour before which totally helped although I did still cry when I got into the chair. Anyway, the IV was awesome and I kept trying to hug the nurses mid way through because I was so happy it was being over and done. I remember them cracking a tooth but had ZERO problem with it.
The aftermath has been great. The drugs wore off and I took codeine so the pain was minimal.
Just as everyone says, make sure you rinse with salt after every (liquid) meal, and keep taking those antibiotics.
Do not drink through a straw, spit or do anything that may irritate the holes for a week or so.

Good luck to you all, it is a terrifying thing but remember how much happier you will be afterwards. Thank you for the support I've received on here as well. I couldn't have done it without you all! :jump:

Hooray!! So glad to hear that you had just as good an experience as I did :) Cheers to a fast and easy recovery for us both! :cheers:
I actually had my wisdom tooth removed yesterday. I was really nervous for days before i had it done. I got the nitrous oxide for the first time ever. Boy was it AMAZING! You don't feel any nervousness at all once you inhale that stuff. It feels like you're just breathing cool air through your nose but your body gets really calm. You're awake, You can hear the dentists instructions and hear what they're doing but it's like you don't care at all. It's amazing stuff. I'd recommend it to anyone with anxiety or fear.
So glad things worked out so well. I am a firm believer, that our fear is worse than anything we experience in *the chair*. Once we are through with our dental appointments, we have a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders. Keeping up on our dental health is one of the many things we can do to keep ourselves healthy :) Congrats again!