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Wisdom Teeth Removal Anxiety



Junior member
Apr 19, 2022
Hi there!

I am scheduled to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed on May 5th, and I am just feeling more and more anxious by the day. I really want to cancel the appointment, but I know I need to have this done. Right now my wisdom teeth don't have developed roots, and my insurance won't cover the surgery when I turn 21.

I was told that there is a possibility of nerve damage, and the thought of this honestly terrifies me. I was told that this is rare, but what if it does occur? What would that mean?

I also chose not to do IV sedation, but to take some medicine (Triazolam) instead. Should this be enough to relax me at the appointment? Will I be aware of the noises and everything else?

Also, does the numbing needle hurt?

Last question: does anyone have any tips for distraction the day/night before the appointment? My appointment is early in the morning (8AM), and I just need something to keep my anxious thoughts at bay the night before. I thought that maybe watching some favorite movies, reading a book, or practicing some relaxation techniques may be helpful.

Sorry for asking so many questions... I am just feeling so anxious right now. I know that I will ultimately be perfectly fine. However, I am letting my mind get the better of me right now.

Thank you! :)
I'm not a dentist, but I recall the procedure was much less of a big deal than I made it out to be in my own head. I did IV and another med, but anesthesia takes forever on me so they went ahead and did the removal while I've was awake and watching the whole thing. The removal didn't bother me. The scariest thing was the blood pressure cuff squeezing my arm every few minutes. I kept forgetting it was going to happen. 😄 I've been numbed for a lot of dental work, and they usually use a topical to numb first. It's not bad.

As for distracting yourself in the days before, I enjoy watching stand up comedy to get my spirits up. Good luck.
I know it’s so tempting to cancel the appointment, but you will be so glad that you had it done once it’s over. Don’t be an idiot like me and wait til you’re 41, lol. Even at my age, with very developed roots and horizontal partial impaction, the mouth pain was minimal. I only did rx pain meds for a day and a half. I caused myself so much anxiety over the years about it, and really, the pain was nothing. See if they can give you some nitrous oxide when you get there. It had me relaxed in a matter of like two minutes. Good luck! You’ll do great!
Hi! I am on day 10 of my wisdom teeth recovery! I had a total of 5 teeth removed, and I am 35 years old. Like the above poster said, don't wait until you are old like us!!

I can't say anything about noises because I had IV sedation, but pain wise, I had none after and never had to take a single pain pill, not even an otc. I had 4 bony impacted teeth with big roots and then the 5th tooth was a molar.

That medication is the same exact stuff I had to take. I took it an hour before surgery, and honestly I don't remember the car ride to the office I was so loopy and relaxed from it! I apparently was laughing so hard at a bag blowing off a back of a car I started sobbing :ROFLMAO: If it does the same thing for you that it did for me, you won't have a care in the world!

As for distraction, the night before I just binged watched Netflix. It didn't take my mind completely off of it, but it did the job where I could relax a little bit!
How did your removal go? I'm due to have my wisdom teeth removed in a few weeks and I'm as nervous as you were before your appointment. Did it all go to plan?
@Emily85 Hey Emily don't worry too much, I think you will be OK. I just had two removed with novocaine only and it was nothing, no big deal at all. I actually suspect it is made out to be a much bigger thing that it is, after spending months freaking out over something that turned out to be really quick and painless.