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Wisdom teeth removal at 38 years old



Junior member
Jun 22, 2020
I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth still at age 38. I've been told many times in the past that I should have them removed but it's an expensive procedure and because they've never bothered me I've put it off for all these years. They are all impacted, and now suddenly they are causing me pain. I'm am terrified of having them removed because I have waited so late in life to do it. I'm scared of the healing process, I'm scared of getting dry socket, I'm scared of anesthesia, I'm scared of nerve damage. Please help, any encouraging words would go a very long way. Thank you!
Hey, I was in the same boat as you. I'm 37 and got mine removed a week ago today. Like everyone here I was terrified about having them removed. I was also scared of the anesthesia, a fear I didn't know I had until I scheduled my appointment lol. I have no history of anxiety but every morning for the 2 weeks leading up to my appointment I was a mess. I'd have small panic attacks where my breathing was labored, my chest felt heavy and I felt lightheaded like I was going to faint. Trust me, you having NOTHING to worry about. Dealing with the DMV is literally worse than getting teeth pulled. As for the anesthesia, I went for what my dentist called "twilight sedation". Apparently I was awake for the whole thing but I don't recall anything that happened. I remember the surgeon saying "it'll hit you like you just had a couple beers". I don't drink so I still had no idea what to expect lol but I remember the nerves I had in my stomach were gone instantly, like someone turned them off with a switch. Next thing I knew they were raising me up in my chair and that was it! It's normal to be nervous but I promise you you'll look back and wonder why you wasted so much energy worrying over nothing. Good luck!
You have no idea how much better that makes me feel! How was the healing process afterward?
I'm 28 and just got all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth removed today, literally 8 hours ago. Like you, I was unbelievably terrified. I cried so much leading up to today. But they gave me valium to take the night before and morning of which really helped. I got there, sat in the chair and the doctor told me I had nothing to worry about, even though my bottom right was troublesome and setting close to a nerve he was so confident in his ability that everything would turn out great. He kept telling me he does this 10 times a day every day for years and no one has had complications yet. So he put the needle in my arm and said I was going to start feeling relaxed. Next thing I know I'm in a wheelchair outside and a nurse and my mom are helping me get into the car. I seriously could not remember a thing. I didn't feel myself drift off. It literally felt like one of those nights you can't remember falling asleep and you wake up kinda surprised ya know?

I had an hour and a half long drive back home, so by that time the pain started to kick in, it's more of a dull burning ache, but I popped two ibuprofen and around 30 minutes the pain left and I was able to sleep for a few hours. The only annoying bit is keeping/ changing the gauze.

My advice is to make a consultation with a reputable oral surgeon office, talk to them and ask them everything. I would highly recommend the anti anxiety pills. I even had to give myself a 30 minute pep talk just to take my valium because I'm also very scared of new medications turns out nothing to be worried about, they don't make you feel anything but calm, same as the iv sedation.

I wish you the best of luck and much courage. If you would like, I can come back and update you on my overall recovery.
You have no idea how much better that makes me feel! How was the healing process afterward?
Honestly the healing process is the hardest part lol but it's not even that hard. I took ibuprofen the first 3 days to help with any aches and swelling. A sore jaw was my biggest complaint and it wasn't even that bad. Not being able to eat whatever I wanted was also a hard thing lol. Its been 8 days and I've been eating whatever I want since yesterday and just keeping the surgical sites clean with my prescription mouthwash and warm salt water. I was convinced I was gonna get a dry socket somehow but never did.
Just had all four of mine pulled and I am 34. It was a breeze. I put it off because I was terrified too, and now having done it I don't know what I was so scared of. I felt nothing during surgery and the oral sedation worked like a dream. I had them out on the 24th and now on the 26th I have a little bit of swelling left on one side, but it's honestly like a 2/10 in terms of discomfort.
I am getting 3 out as i never got 4 in March on spring break. I am 45. I finally decided to have mine pulled, and none are impacted because i got a wisdom tooth infection/in the gum and cheek over the holidays. It is healed mostly but still red around the one gum on bottom but they will be putting me under GA. They told me it takes longer to get you sedated that it takes to pull them.
I am in my mid/late 30s still got mine. I did need a filling in one my wisdom teeth.

I should get mine removed as I am having a hard time keeping them clean, I got a overcrowding problem as it is. I don't think all my wisdom teeth are fully through yet
I had mine all removed in my 30’s. They were getting decay cause they came in funny. Dentist said they can’t do fillings in them. So they had to come out. I had iv sedation. The came out easily. Healed with no problem. Didn’t have much pain. Teen Daughter just had hers out. She actually seem to have had more pain than I did. So everyone is different. But she healed up
Fine too