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Wisdom teeth removal on 14 year old?



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Jul 1, 2018
Is it common for wisdom teeth to be surgically removed at 14?

My daughter just saw her new orthodontist. We were referred by the new dentist and he had pointed out her wisdom teeth and said they would need to come out at some point, but not soon.

The orthodontist said the new method is to have them removed before the braces are off, because they often impact the way the retainers fit as they come in and teeth will get crooked again (which actually did happen to me, so it is a valid argument).

Plus she said that they could be causing some of the jaw pain and ear pain my daughter has constantly. The lower ones are sideways and the roots are pushing against her 2nd molars. The top ones are pushing against her 2nd molars also, but the 2nd molars haven’t fully erupted.

The orthodontist said she was referring us to an oral surgeon for a consult.
No it isn't. Not here in the UK at least.
I am having second thoughts about it since she is so young. What the orthodontist said made sense as in it happened that way with me. After my wisdom teeth were out, my molars shifted a bit and my retainers didn’t fit right.
Yet she is so young to have such a big surgery. It seems excessive. I guess we do the consult and I ask the oral surgeon why it is so important to have them out now.