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Wisdom teeth removal tomorrow. 10 am I am petrified!!!!!



Junior member
Mar 24, 2017
I am 23 years old I have never been put under before and I am so scared I think I might chicken out of even going. :cry: I have to get 6 teeth out 4 wisdom and two others that got infected because of my wisdom teeth. I have had infections on and off for years now and this time the pain has been the worst thing ever. I am just so scared that I will die in the surgery. I have been having panic attacks for days now and right now its at its worst. I have high blood presser and bad anxiety. My church family is praying for me and I know if I do die I'm going to heaven but I take care of my disabled mom and if I were to die she would be lost im all she has :cry: has anyone else had these fears before? what did you do? did you still go through with the surgery? I am desperate for advice right now im so scared :cry:

shamed shane

Feb 15, 2017
I have not had IV sedation for an oral procedure but I did have one about a year ago for hernia surgery. Honestly, the worst part of that process was getting the IV. Once the IV is in, the rest just kind of happens. When I got my IV, I just conducted a deep breathing exercise and looked the other way. They had the IV in in two seconds and all I felt was a slight pinch.

I had a tooth extraction done this week and just did it with local anesthesia. It wasn't bad, but when I go in for my wisdom teeth, I will definitely want IV sedation.

Last week a woman in my office, 27, had her wisdom teeth removed. She was also very anxious about the IV. When she was back at work, she said the worst part was actually just the recovery and that wasn't even that bad. If you follow your oral sureon's instructions then your recovery will go well also. You just have to go in it with the mindset that your doctors know what they are doing and they have your best interest at heart. They've done this procedure many times and will get you through it. You sound like a spiritual person, so put your faith in God and allow Him (or Her) guide you through this process.

It will all be over before you know it and you'll be back at home with your family. I hope these personal anecdotes offer some peace of mind. Please let us know how your operation goes. Thinking of you.


Well-known member
Nov 22, 2016
I am in my 50's and felt exactly as you are feeling before every surgery that I've ever had (4 during my lifetime, and two quite recently). What helps me, is to realize that there are 10's of thousands of people in whatever country you're in, having their teeth extracted under sedation every day! And they all make it through without incident! The chance of anything bad happening is like being struck by lightning, or even more rare than that, so I always tell myself that I can get through it too.

As the poster above me pointed out, you will soon have this behind you and be much better off without the painful infections.

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow morning too.


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