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Wisdom teeth removed - feeling tired afterwards



Junior member
Apr 18, 2021

I had 2 wisdom teeth removed on Thursday and, pain wise, I feel ok, I am just taking ibuprofen. However, few hours after the surgery I became violently ill (probably because of the IV sedation) and could not keep down anything for many hours. I got so dehydrated that my blood pressure went very low, I fainted and was taken to the ER for evaluation (everything came out fine) and was given nutrients and nausea medication through IV. Now, 2 days later, I am fine and could eat, but mostly liquid and puree food, and for the past couple of days I have felt pretty drained, my eyes feel heavy and tired (it could be seasonal allergies too), and I feel like taking naps throughout the day. I am a pretty active person, but I have stayed low, resting and taking things slowly to allow my body to heal. Anybody experienced fatigue after wisdom teeth removal? How long did it last? Thank you.
Hi Lusy79,

I'm a bit late with my reply, but wanted at least let you know that your post got read. Sounds like you had few pretty rough days following your wisdom teeth removal!
I was sleeping for the rest of the day after my wisdom teeth removal, but that was without sedation. Reading about how you were feeling after the procedure, it only makes sense that your body has quite a bit to recover from. Hope you are feeling better by now!

All the best wishes and a speedy recovery!