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Wisdom teeth? Stay or go?



Junior member
Sep 11, 2014
Hello! Last week, I went to the dentist for the first time in twenty years. The 3D xray, not the regular, showed a lot of black in one wisdom tooth up into the gum. Never had any pain in the tooth whatsoever, though. The other wisdom tooth showed nothing in either xray, although dentist noticed a little decay with visual exam.

Today I went back to see another dentist at the same practice about the wisdom teeth. He said they weren't impacted and he didn't see any cavities or anything. (not sure he looked at the 3D photos) He then said while it wouldn't be a bad idea to get the teeth removed at some point, it was not an urgent thing.

So, needless to say, I'm a bit confused here. Do I need to get the teeth removed even if there's no pain and they aren't impacted? Would a filling be sufficient? I rather not get them removed if I don't have to. Thank you!


Apr 14, 2014
Hi mobywv!

What did the 1st Dentist say about getting them removed?

It's good that you aren't feeling any pain and there are no alignment issues with your wisdom teeth, it's very rare to have wisdom teeth that don't cause issues during their eruption and development. :)

As for removal of the teeth.. it's really up to you and how you feel about what your dentist/s suggest? Dentists don't usually extract teeth if they aren't causing issues / pain. Discuss what your options are with your dentist, get both of the dentists' opinions on the 3D x-rays and go from there. :)

Best of luck!



Well-known member
Aug 22, 2014
Somewhere in Georgia
Well if you get them removed you won't have to ever worry about them :) However, it's up to you in the end and what the dentists think. I myself would probably just get them taken out since they can cause other teeth to shift and if the first dentist is correct about the one tooth being black that doesn't sound good neither does the little bit of decay. But since the second dentist said it isn't urgent so I guess you wouldn't need to have them removed right away. I don't know. Different dentists have different opinions.


Former Member
I have one wisdom tooth in my mouth left, my dentist has hinted at removing it for years, there is no pain. He has told me it will grow on an angle as I get older, and many other things.