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Wisdom Teeth Story - I WAS nervous for NOTHING!



Junior member
Mar 4, 2011
Here is my story......

I was set to go to Interface (the place where near where I live) for 9am last Monday. I got up and I was fine, my nerves weren't too bad. Drove 30 mins to get there, signed the consent form, forked over the $1,500 for the 3 teeth......ugh. Sat in the waiting room for about 5 mins before they called me back.

I went to the same room I had my consultation in, I thought I would be going to like an operating room lol
I sat down, they asked me if I had any questions.....I didn't.

They put the clip on my finger, and one on my wrist, plus the blood pressure cuff. No biggie. Time for the IV (no biggie I have had tons of those) and they use a TINY needle, like for babies, not like the bigger ones they use in the hospital - I hardly felt a thing when they put it in.

2 mins later the dentist came in, asked if I had any questions for him, and I said nope! They put a hair net looking thing on me. The nurse said are you feeling sleepy, I said nope, she looked at the dentist, he said give her more (not sure what he said exactly), 2 mins later, are you sleepy yet, I said nope lol, so they put something on my nose which I can only assume was the gas?! Then he said do you feel sleepy and I said nope! He told the nurse to give me a bit more of (again not sure what!) and asked me if I was sleepy, and I said nope for the 3rd or 4th time and then I WOKE UP! haha!

I remember sitting up in the dental chair, then they removed the IV, then standing up and walking to recovery. I felt great. I felt only slightly weak. I got to recovery and my hubby was there. I sat up in the bed (didnt lay down at all) The nurse said they wanted x rays which I thought was odd since the teeth were already out! So I removed the gauze and ewwww it tasted yucky. I put my mouth on the panoramic machine thingy and they took the x ray. I went back to the recovery room for 10 or so mins. The dentist came in and asked me how I felt, or if I felt sicky or anything. I said nope I feel GREAT! I wasnt really groggy or anything, I felt totally awesome. No pain. He told me teeth were super super hard to remove so it was a good thing I had the sedation and not just the local freezing.
They said I could go home, and they wanted me to go in a wheel chair and I said no, I didnt want that. She tried to force me in it and I was like lady, I can walk! So the hubby and I walked out to the car (holding hands because I think he was scared I would fall or something, no one believed me I felt fine!)
On the 30 mins ride home I just laid on my pillow, I brought one just in case as I expect to feel totally groggy and shitty. So I just chilled for the ride.
I got home, and made myself something to eat. Hubby kept trying to force me to lay down. The dentist said I would likely go home and sleep all day.....ummmm nope! I made something to eat, went on the internet! lol
I had pretty much no pain all day, not really any swelling either, just slightly puffy on one side. I stayed up until about 11pm that night! Then I woke up around 3:00am because my hubby set the alarm so I could take an anti inflammatory just in case for swelling. I didnt want it, but I took it anyway. Again, my pain was like 2 out of 10. Its just like a dull ache and my ear kinda hurts, which they said was normal.
My tongue had some blood on it the morning of day 2 and one area where my bottom tooth was is still bleeding a tiny tiny bit. But I still have have pretty minimal pain, nothing I would take anything for.
So I hope this eases your mind. Everyones story is different, but mine was super super good.
It's day 5 today and my swelling is still there on one side mostly but not worse and a bit better. I haven't taken much for pain either.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!