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Wisdom Teeth Success! (IV sedation)



Oct 3, 2019
I had all my wisdom teeth out this morning! The nurses were so sweet and made me feel so comfortable! The doctor came in and put the IV in me, which barely hurt at all. In about 30 seconds, I was out and woke up what felt like the blink of an eye to the entire thing done! For anyone who’s super anxious, I was horrified for two months. It ended up being a non-event. My lip is still numb, but I’ve been staying on top of my hydrocodone and the only sore spot is the spot where my tooth that was hurting my ear was, but the pain is manageable by all means. This procedure completely controlled my life for months. It’s silly how fast it was over. I’ve eaten some soup, pudding, a little bit of a Frosty, and some yogurt since getting home. For anyone who’s doing constant research and letting this control your life, this was NOTHING. And that’s coming from someone who has suffered with horrible anxiety their whole life. This was my very first surgery and it was completely nerve-wracking. But, if you get a really nice nursing staff and doctor, you just have a 10x better experience. I sat down crying, they gave me laughing gas, put heart monitors and my stomach and back, and the doctor came in quickly to put the IV in. Then I was OUT! Just stay on top of your medication and everything works out. I’ll keep you all updated on my recovery. Thank you to this amazing community for getting me through this ordeal. I’m so happy to say that it’s behind me now and I never have to do this again! Hooray!

This is so awesome to hear!! So glad everyone was great with you and kind !! REally glad to hear this! I hope you can get some rest and your healing goes quick and well!!
Thank you for posting your success! Great job!