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wisdom teeth, SUCCESS STORY!



Junior member
May 20, 2010
Everyone says they can't believe they're putting a success story here, and I am here to say I am now one of these people! I FINALLY got my wisdom teeth out yesterday morning!! I just took my most recent dose of medicine, so I am awake for a little to post my story. I found out about two years ago that I would need to get my wisdom teeth out, because they were impacted and growing in horizontally, however like most of us, I chose to not accept this fact, believing that if I was actually going to get them out they better be PAINFUL, which so far they were not. Well luckily for me, they never got painful, but I was told again recently that they would need to come out, and that they were beginning to root, my mom scheduled me an appointment with my dentist's oral surgery department. Naturally, I cried all the way there, through the entire (consultation) appointment, and especially when the surgeon told me that they wouldn't be about to take my teeth out in my regular dentists office because they didn't use IV sedation only Novocain. I made another appointment at a oral surgery office. Again, I cried the entire way there, through the entire appointment and especially during when my mom scheduled me an appointment for yesterday, May 21st at 7:50am. keep in mind that I am 20 years old. The appointment was made in the beginning of March, so I spent almost months counting down the days to what I referred to as "D-Day". I was terrified. Finally, yesterday came. I woke up and was absolutely scared to death, I had thrown up 3 separate times in the previous day out of nerves. I finally got myself into the office with both my parents who had taken off work to help me. I was getting myself through because my mom said she would hold my hand until I was asleep, but once I got there, we were told that wasn't allowed, of course, I cried. BUT IT WAS NO WHERE NEAR AS BAD AS I HAD BEEN MAKING IT OUT TO BE! I was escorted into my patient room by a nurse who turned out to not be a real joy, but the other nurse in there was fantastic, answering all my questions through my tears. When my oral surgeon came in he held my hand as he too answered all the questions I had, and explained everything he was going to do. I plugged in my music as he set up my Nitrous Gas and began to relax, when he told me he was about to give me the IV I got nervous (I'm a severe needle phobic) but to be completely honest, it was no where near as bad as I had made it out to be in my head. I won't lie, it pinched a little bit, but I had to ask him if it was in all the way, because I didn't think that would be the only pain. He said yes and I laughed a little bit, and kept my eyes closed, as I didn't want to see it. He told me he was about the inject the medicine and to have a nice nap, next thing I remember I'm sitting in the recovery room under a fluffy blanket while the recovery nurse was wiping tears off my face. That's when my mom got to come back. I'm not sure why I was crying, because I genuinely had absolutely NO PAIN! (I think I was in shock I actually went through with it) I sat in recovery and listened to the instructions, and my parents were then able to walk me back. I was waiting to have some pain as the Novocain began to wear off, but its about about 18 hours and I have yet to feel ANY pain! I prepared myself to spend all of yesterday in my room crying and bleeding and sleeping, but I only slept about an hour, and spent the rest of the day up and about my house, watching tv with my parents and talking like nothing had happened in my mouth! If I didn't have my extracted teeth (which I asked for so the tooth fairy would come ;) of course) I wouldn't have believed I had had the surgery. I promise I'm not just saying this, I am absolutely shocked myself at the complete ease of this recovery! I cannot believe it. I thought I'd lose some weight through this (lol) but yesterday I was able to eat a couple yogurts, pudding, and I had macaroni and cheese (my favorite) for dinner. Still no pain! Tomorrow I intend to go to a scrapbook show with my mom, because I honestly feel great. I am seriously the world's BIGGEST baby when it comes to the word surgery (this was my first) but I don't even know that I'd consider this 'surgery' it was really that easy! Trust me, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it! If you are nervous for an upcoming wisdom teeth extraction, I totally understand, I was a wreck, but take it from me, you absolutely don't need to be, it was so easy and you will be definitely kicking yourself after you get it done, I know I am! This website was so important and helpful to be pre-surgery, but honest to God, I never in 1 million years thought I'd be able to post anything in this success stories category, thank you to everyone who helped me and GOOD LUCK to anyone waiting on this procedure, it's a breeze! Honestly!