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WISDOM TEETH - support from me to you



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Mar 27, 2010
I'm 15 years old and got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday.
All four of them, two on the top were impacted and two on the bottom were MASSIVE and erupted.
They never really caused me any pain coming in, though.
I got the news from my dentist that i'd be getting them out about 9 months ago. Ever since then, i've been scared out of my wits.
My appointment was made in January (2010), and I had been counting down the days until. It was a very scary time for me, especially since i'm quick to anxiety issues and paranoia.
But i know i'm not the only one, considering there are a LOT of people out there who get this done and are looking for support.
Anywho, yesterday morning i went into the dentists office, after a long night of getting no sleep from the nerves.
They called me in for my 9am appointment. I had been waiting in the waiting room for about 15 minutes. (The dentists office had been located in the second floor of a business building, a small little office, decorated nicely... hahah.) I was nervous but quiet, trying to calm myself down. Then the nurse finally called me in. My mom came with me and I sat down in the ever so famous chair. She and another nurse came in and started attaching wires to me, as well as this thing on my finger... I think it was for my heartbeat. I was staying pretty composed until the dentist walked in and asked me how i was doing. (Nice guy, looked like a younger version of Santa Claus to me. :D) At that point i couldn't help it, I started to cry. The nerves just got to me. So there I was, sitting in the chair, the two nurses, my mom and the dentist all looking over me. The nurses had decided to give me laughing gas to calm me down. Weird thing is, i had been sitting there for a good 7 minutes when i asked if they were giving me laughing gas yet - i couldn't even feel a difference. They said they were, and they told me that i was so anxious that it wasn't having a big effect on me. All i noticed it doing was make my body go numb. I was still very aware, very anxious, very able to see clearly and hear clearly. At that point the dentist wrapped something tight around my left arm. He told me to open and close my fist, and then he stuck the IV in.
Now for those of you who are afraid of the IV, let me tell you that as a child I've grown up with an extreme phobia for needles. The IV is NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. I didn't feel any pain. It's like scratching your hand or something: you can feel it but it doesn't hurt.
It took about 10 seconds until i was passed out. Weirdest thing too; I was awake answering the nurses questions and then suddenly that's it - I don't remember anything else.

After the surgery it was a gradual wake up for me. My mother later told me that the surgery itself only lasted 15-20 minutes. I was in shock.
I remember being carried 3/4 asleep to a bed, then waking up in it. I also remember asking for my mom quite frequently.
I didn't feel any pain when i woke up, just that i was really tired and half asleep. I remember glimpses of it - getting up, walking out of the room, then being in my car. I also remember taking a picture of myself with my phone :giggle: . I had two strips of gauze hanging out my mouth, but that wasn't a big deal. My mom pulled them out as soon as I got home, but I was still numb. I started to unfreeze about 4-6 hours after I got home. I was bleeding for a good three hours. That wasn't a big deal though, I just laid down on my mom's bed with a blue ice pack on my cheeks and kleenex in my mouth - which I had to replace quite frequently... to the point where i had two garbage cans full, hahaha. :whistle:
My mom went out and got my prescription filled, and here it was:

Tylenol3s [ for pain ] - take 2 every 4 hours as needed (With food or not)
Penicillin [ for infection ]- take 4 times a day - preferably without food, but it doesn't make me sick either way. (One as I wake up, one at lunch, one at supper, one at bed.)
Dexamethasone [ for swelling ] - take 2 twice a day with food. (so two when i wake up after breakfast, and 2 right before i go to bed.)

After my mouth started to unfreeze, that's where it became famously PAINFUL. Excruciating pain. And the worst part is, the tylenol3's didn't work.
I had taken 7 of them yesterday aswell as an advil.
The thing i found that worked the best for me was to ice it for about 6 hours. (The nurse had said to stop after 6 hours, and then to start applying heat.)
So today, as I type this, I have the heating pad on my mouth.
The heat/cold really feels good. Make sure to have that at your disposal.

As for swelling - they say it's supposed to start around the 2nd day. I have none yet. I think it may be genetic though - my parents and sister never had any swelling whatsoever, so i think i may not get any - woohoo! :party:

Here's some more info:D :
I wasn't hungry at all yesterday. I noticed after talking to a friend that she wasn't either. I think it may be the anesthetic that does that. I'd try to eat, but it didn't matter either way, because i just wan't hungry.
I drank a lot of water, had some warm soup (chicken broth in a cup)
My dad made me a vanilla milkshake (vanilla ice cream, protein powder, milk, vanilla pure) and it tasted really good.
I had a bit of gatorade too.
I didn't eat much.
Today my mom's going to make me mashed potatoes and turnip for supper :jump: ... my favourite.
I'm a little more hungry too. I had vanilla ice cream for breakfast - it tasted awesome.

Today i also started rinsing with saltwater - ew! It tastes gross, but it's necessary for infection and such. It's no big deal. Just make sure you do it gently, because if you're like me, then you REALLY don't want to get a dry socket. THAT, I'm paranoid for.

I'm not going to lie and say it wasn't that bad. Everyone's different though, and I've heard a few people say there's was fine. Mine wasn't.
My entire bottom jaw, as well as the extraction site, and my throat and the back of my tongue all hurt yesterday.
Today they still do, but now it's just the extraction site and my jaw.
The pain feels like this :
Where the four teeth were removed, it feels as though they are still numb, but in pain at the same time. You know that feeling you get when you're numb, it almost feels swollen and uncomfortable? That's how it feels.
Then you have your pain, everytime I move my mouth it hurts. It IS better today though, it's gonna slowly but surely get better everyday from now on.
Just make sure to keep up with your antibiotics and heat/ice. It's the best thing you can do for it. I also got stitches, the dissolvable ones at each extraction site. They're uncomfortable, and they feel weird:confused:.
The pain, it's definitely excruciating but it's somewhat tolerable.
I woke up last night with no pain at all, which in itself was weird. But as soon as I got up for the morning it slowly came back.

So, all in all, it's not that bad. (Also, sorry for how long this is, and it's probably a bit confusing. I just have a lot to say hehehe) The pain does suck but at least you'll be in the frame of mind that IT'S OVER WITH!
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. :)
Hope I helped! and just remember, it's never as bad as you make it up to be in your head.
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Oct 18, 2007
South Carolina
Like 20 minutes after I got home from getting mine taken out I ate pudding and cut up pizza... probably should not have done that lol :p. That story sounds like mine.


Dec 31, 2009
I'm getting mine out tomorrow! I'm sooooo soooo nervous! Your story did help!!! I'm getting all 4 out too, IV sedation as well...