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Wisdom teeth surgery



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Dec 1, 2007
VA, US (formerly UK)
Hi everyone!

Well, it's day three after my extractions, so I thought I'd better post my "Success story" too...

I have been avoiding having my wisdom teeth removed for years and years. Just the thought of it sent chills down my spine and made me feel sick! Anyway, I finally had to face the fact they would have to come out, as they were starting to cause problems.

My dentist gave me a referral and I went to see the Oral Surgeon for a consultation. He was lovely! I had been thinking a lot about the various options available, and knew I would not want to be awake for the procedure, so I was leaning towards conscious IV sedation. However, the surgeon said he would recommend general anasthesia, which I was not too keen on. He said it would be a different kind of GA to the one you would get in a hospital, as I would still be able to breathe without assistance. He explained all about the procedure and I scheduled my appointment for the following Tuesday(I didn't want to have too much time to change my mind again).

Once I got back home, I started worrying again. Had I made the right decision going for GA? I started looking up horror stories on the internet, which was not a good idea. Eventually I got myself so worked up that I called the Oral Surgeon's office. The receptionist said he was with a patient, but I could leave a message on his answering machine. Half an hour later he called me. He was so nice, addressing all my concerns and trying to make me feel better. I had to promise him to stop looking at stuff on the internet, lol.

Somehow I made it through the next few days. I posted a lot on this forum and got great support. I thought about cancelling my appointment on more than one occasion, but I knew I would only be delaying the inevitable.

The day before the surgery, Monday, I was very nervous and felt sick all day. The weird thing is that the more the evening progressed, the calmer I felt. I actually fell asleep in front of the TV at ten o'clock! I didn't think I'd be able to sleep at all that night, but I ended up in a deeper sleep than I had been for the past week or so.

I woke up at half past six, even before the alarm went off, and went straight into the shower. I still felt calm.

It was only when we were driving in the car, that I started to panick again. We got to the oral surgeon's office, registered and sat down and waited. My husband asked if I wanted him to come in with me and wait until I was "under", but I said I'd rather go by myself. I was scared of not being able to keep it together if he was with me...

We only waited for about ten minutes or so, and then the nurse called me in. She led me to the treatment room and asked me to sit down. That's when sheer panic set in! Just sitting in the chair, looking at all those instruments and machines made me want to throw up.

The nurse was very kind, she was trying to calm me down and took my blood pressure. Then the oral surgeon came in. He asked me how I was and when I told him I was scared he took my hand and said it would be okay. He put a mask on my face and said he was going to give me oxygen, to calm me down a bit.

I remember two more assistants coming into the room, and people talking. The surgeon walked back out for a while, and then came back. Some time at that point they must have turned the laughing gas on, because I remember smelling something sweet and feeling very relaxed, almost drunk. I took the mask off my face and said to the surgeon that I appreciated the fact that he rang me at home the other day, and it came out all slurred, lol.

He asked me to make a fist and pump it a few times. He then said I might feel a slight prick with the needle. He put in the IV, asked me to let go of my fist and that's pretty much all I can remember.

When I woke up, it was all done.

I didn't bleed for very long, and didn't have too much pain either. I took my meds before the anasthetic wore off though, so maybe that helped.
I am still on a soft diet at the minute; living on fruit smoothies, soup(not too hot though), mashed potatoes and yoghurts.
I have to rinse my mouth four times a day with salt water and take antibiotics. So far, no sign of dry socket(touch wood!!!!).

Sometimes I still can't believe it's all over and done with. I was so worried, and it really wasn't worth it at all.

Believe me, I am the biggest wimp when it comes to teeth. If I can do it, anybody can!

So if you need your wisdom teeth out, don't be scared. It will be so worth it!

Thanks again to all the wonderful people who supported me! Couldn't have done it without you...

Congradulations....we are so proud of you.....I say this all the time but don't forget to celebrate your wonderful acomplishment:sleepyjuice:
So happy for you that it went well. Isn' it amazing when you think about it, we have teeth out, beforehand scared to death, but a little prick in the hand or arm, out for the count and wake up to find the job done and no memory of it at all. Modern dentistry is truly marvellous. Take care, look after yourself, and be very, very proud.:grouphug:
Thanks guys! Sometimes I still can't believe it's actually over and done with...I have spent so much time worrying about it!:)

I'm glad I finally got to read your account, these are the kinds of stories that make me feel better about any future work that is coming my way. (I'd like to say "may" but I know it will happen, it's just a matter of when! :rolleyes:)

Congrats on going through with it :cheers: :jump: and I'm glad to hear that it went so well. I know that this will help others who are dreading an upcoming wizzie removal!!! ;)
Thanks takingflight!:)

Don't think I could have done it without this board and all you wonderful people!:-*