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Wisdom Teeth- That was EASY!



Junior member
Nov 24, 2011
So i got my wisdom teeth out TODAY and for the past 2 months I had been stressing, mainly because of General Anesthesia (i really though I could have died). I had a valium before I went in and i was relaxing and happy. They put the needle in and the anesthesiologist was impressed I didn't flinch at all (im not too scared of needles) But anyway they told me to scoot back in the chair so it would be easier to operate then i fell asleep. I remember waking up in a wheel chair.. they said they woke me up before that but I do not recall it. And I was confused for 10 seconds max as to where I was and immediately said "wow that was really quick!" . I know everyone has different emotional reactions to waking up from it it but man, I was all happy and it felt good! Today i am on prescription motrin (800 mg) and feel no pain and have limited swelling. We will see how i feel tomorrow but today has been great... i didn't feel drowsy at all.
So the point of this is not to brag to people who may have had worse cases, but to help people in fear. I was scared to DEATH but right now as I am typing this I feel a bit sore but at the same time great. So don't let these horror stories get you down. I hope anyone with future extractions has the same luck as me. It really isn't that bad, and take that from a scaredy cat! :D