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Wisdom Teeth-Weird Feeling



Junior member
Jun 30, 2012
Hi, I got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday (all 4). It actualy doesn't hurt that badly at all and I'm not THAT swollen.

However, when I bite down not only does my bite feel off but my teeth kind of feel sticky? or chalky? Almost like there is drying cements on it. it's a really weird feeling.

Any idea if that is normal or if something is wrong? Will that go away?

I remember having that after mine were removed, but I am not quite sure what causes it.
I was too scared to chew for several days but when I did maybe 2 or 3 days later I didn't get that feeling so hopefully it will be gone soon!
another question completely unrelated: the inside of my cheeks like..peel a lot? i think its oral thrush.

this happens like..one every other month.

is there something i can do to prevent this?
You need to get it checked out, it's unlikely to be thrush.
You need to get it checked out, it's unlikely to be thrush.
i was actually googling it last night and i came across something that sounds EXACTLY like me.

i honestly just think its a nervous habit/ocd type thing because i non stop bite the insides of my cheeks

but is the sticky teeth feeling normal?

also...my wisdom teeth dont really hurt AT ALL anymore. just a tiny bit of puffiness so it hurts to touch that a tiny bit

btu my mout still wont open all the way. is that normal or should i be concerned my jaw got messed up?
Thought I would add another 2 cents worth, My jaw wouldn't open all the way as well, for a few days afterwards.
My jaw didn't open fully either after having my wisdoms out, don't worry everything will return to normal. As Gordon recommended see a dentist about the cheek thing.

Get well soon and happy healing.
I'm convinced my jaw is broken.

That's as wide as I can open it. That can't be normal.
It's pretty normal after wisdom teeth extraction. Try either ice packs or heat packs, depends which feels better. Usually ice is best.
Thank you SO much for your responses and I know I probably sound ridiculous but I have ANOTHER concern. Sorry.

I stuck my tongue back there a bit (I know I know, I'm not supposed to) and the gum felt all gooey and jiggly. Is that normal???

I'm on vicodin, ibuprofen, pennicillin, and a mouth wash for gingivitis if that matters.
The gooey gum is 100% normal. I had a baby tooth out ages ago before I had ever heard not to poke the socket and was contantly poking the goo. Took a while to go away but did. This time I was so paranoid my tongue went nowhere near the sites (having heard that its not a great idea) but I bet they were as gooey if not more so!
The gooey stuff is granulation tissue. It's good stuff despite the texture :)