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Wisdom teeth- WHO said it has to be bad



Junior member
Dec 15, 2006
I have been scheduled to have my wisdom teeth out for a while. Actually they have been trying to get me to do it for 26 years :). I had to put it off once earlier this year due to my daughter being in the hospital. It finally got to the point where I had to get it done or lose a LOT of money (one of those employer health care savings accounts)
People have been telling me oh so many stories about the pain, how I will look like a chipmunk, how miserable I will be
I have always HATED the dentist and been so scared to even have a cavity filled this was terrifying.
Yesterday was D-day and I'm still not sure how i walked into the oral surgeons office. I was under the impression i would be OUT but one of the nurses was saying I might hear something or feel some pressure. I'm like NO way let me out of here. The dentist had to swear I wouldn't feel a thing.
He started an IV and they gave me some medication. That is the last thing I remember untill they were yelling at me trying to get me to wake up! I stumbled into their recovery room, sat there for half an hour and went home.
When I got home I had an awful headache but, of course, my teeth were still numb. I took some motrin and waited for the novocaine to wear off. I slept for a bit and when I woke up... NOTHING
NO pain, no swelling....no nothing!
Today I do feel a bit tired but still no pain, no swelling and only a small bit of bleeding.
I have not needed any of the prescribed painkillers just taking 600 of motrin every 6 hours and I'm not even sure i need that.
I even got into my car and drove to work to pick something up!
excellent! I am happy it was so painless for you!
I am getting my wisdom teeth out too...any tips on what to do to help calm my nerves before hand...I rather have local anthesia...
I much prefer being out- if I don't know what is going on it can't be painful right?
I don't really have much advice about what to do ahead of time except to ignore all the folks that tell you their stories, most of them are exagerated and there's no reason to think yours won't be like mine...not bad at all!