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Wisdom teeth worries



Junior member
Jan 12, 2023
Hey, it's your anxious mess again. It seems like every time i manage to slightly calm myself down a bit i find new things to worry about.. this time is my wisdom teeth, from what i can see both lower and upper teeth have partially erupted through the gums but i find them kind of hard to clean, especially my upper ones since they're in a weird position where the crown sort of pushes towards my cheek.. i am 22 and so scared i waited too long for having them out, i am scared that the dentists are going to tell me i risk sinus perforation or nerve damage if i pull them now and i'm also afraid they might have damaged the roots of my second molars or something and will need to have those out too, even though they don't hurt. I am terrified of what my phobia and neglect has done.
@Tinella9610 For cleaning them have you tried a tuft brush? I used to use the GUM tuft brush for cleaning my upper wisdom teeth which were flared out toward my cheeks. You don't have to pull out crooked wisdom teeth young, necessarily, I just pulled mine out and I am over 40, and they didn't harm my other teeth or anything like that. If it is any use, the NHS advice on wisdom teeth says a person only needs to make a dental appointment over wisdom teeth if they are causing severe pain, and that even if they are impacted, that doesn't necessarily mean they are causing a problem or need to be removed, you can do a search for "NHS wisdom tooth removal" if you want to see their advice
Hi! I was an anxious mess and terrified about mine as well, and would always find new things to worry about. I didn’t go to the dentist for about 20 years and then went finally when I was around 35. The dentist told me my wisdom teeth HAD to come out, that I probably had already damaged the molars in front too, and that they would likely need to come out. I went to see the oral surgeon, and he said the teeth in front were totally fine, and that at my age, we could take the wisdom teeth out, or wait until they became a problem. At that point in time, I had just returned to the dentist after not going for 20 yrs, and just wasn’t ready to jump straight into surgery, so I waited. One of the lowers slowly started to erupt over time and left a space that was perfect for trapping food. I used a tuft toothbrush, and a water pick, but the irritation started to become more frequent over time, and I started to feel constant pressure on teeth further forward. So I scheduled another consultation. The surgeon was again great and did not pressure me like the dentist I was seeing did. (I did find another general dentist by the way.) Anyway, I scheduled the surgery, freaked out and canceled a few weeks before, rescheduled, freaked out and canceled again a few weeks before. Then, rescheduled again and was told if I canceled this one they wouldn’t see me again. The surgeon was so nice and patient, i didn’t want to lose the ability to have my surgery there, so I finally went through with it. And aside from some major digestive upset from taking antibiotics and not eating enough in the days following, it was all a breeze, and I was 41 at that point. Do don’t feel that your age is an issue. Best of luck! I know it is so stressful and scary, but do yourself a favor and do it while you are still young.