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Wisdom Tooth and Root Canal Panic due to bad gag reflex



Junior member
Jul 6, 2012
Am starting to go into panic mode for no reason, although I know most people on here have a lot worst fears than me I need some reassurance.
I have always had as the dentist describes the worst gag reflex they have ever seen and due to this when I went there this week for a check up due to having tooth pain they said they couldn't do anything.
They tried to take an x-ray but couldn't due to me being unable to get the bite piece in my mouth fully or for long enough and are now referring me to the hospital which has starting me to panic.
They think I need my widom tooth out and/or root canal both of which terrify me due to also being scared of being put under! They think I will struggle with both of these as my gag reflex is so extreme I won't be able to cope with work being done at the back of my mouth! Please can I have some advise and reassurance as very scared even before my appointment as I know I need some sort of work doing!

Perhaps they could give you something before your appointment to help you relax.
Hi SunnyJill,

I have a terrible gag reflex, but I can tell you that the X-ray is the worst part. I've had root canals, crowns, and extractions on back molars, and surprisingly it never caused a gag reflex for me, not even a little. (And also completely painless, which was also a surprise). I think the gag reflex comes from things touching the back of the tongue, and when they're doing dental work they actually don't bother the tongue.

Good luck! I know it's horrible not knowing and worrying about what might happen. But I can tell you as a patient, it's really painless and not gaggy, once the X-ray is done. (Maybe at the hospital they can take the xray in some easier way...)