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Wisdom Tooth broken around part of filling.



Junior member
Apr 15, 2021
I have a wisdom tooth with a giant filling. On one side some of the tooth has broken off from the filling. No pain at all. The filling is stable and rock solid. Been that way for about 7 months or more. Can they fix that or will they have to pull it? Should I just wait until it starts hurting? And how bad is wisdom tooth extraction for somebody my age (54)? Thank you.
Hi Shad,

your dentist is the best person who can tell you whether the tooth can be saved, it probably depends on what part broke off, how deep, how deep is the filling etc. The earlier you go the bigger the chance that the tooth can be saved. If you managed to get a filling in it, you will be fine with an extraction too, it’s not different to any other extractions.

All the best wishes