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Wisdom Tooth Cyst?



Junior member
Nov 12, 2013
I think I have a cyst around my wisdom tooth. It doesnt hurt and it has been there for years. I dont know that it is a cyst but I went to see a dentist. She said it was nothing just tissue around the tooth. Adjacent to this tooth is where I had a molar pulled about 6 years ago. She said that back molar is growing down and I will eventually lose it but that round bubble that feels like either a tumor or cyst is right there by that wisdom tooth. Would that have shown up on the xray of my teeth? Either way I have read too much and now looking for some sound advice.
Mike, I recommend that you ask one of the dentists here that question. I would think that it would show up but you might want to ask a dentist. The think I do know is that you don't want to mess around with a cyst. If there was one you would need to get it seen to. Let us know how it works out.
Thank you for your reply. How would I address this so that the dentists' would be able to read and reply to it?