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Wisdom tooth extraction and nerve damage



Junior member
Jun 25, 2019
My wisdom tooth hurts and dentist said that it would be better if I take I out, tooth 48 in our metric system.

I had major problems with trauma at the inferior Alveoral nerve on the other side, tooth 37, due to injection and root canal and Gutta percha that got out of the tooth and damaged the nerve.

Due to the pain I have suffered, I am hesitant in removing the wisdom tooth on the right side in case it is very close to the nerve and during extraction, it traumatizes the nerve, too.

I will visit a maxillofacial surgeon specialized on wisdom teeth extractions but I would
like to ask you according to the cbct imaging if you feel that the tooth is touching the nerve and there is the possibility to hurt it. It is quite blurry on the imaging, but the tooth is there!

thank you so much!!!!!


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Looks well clear of the nerve to me, you can never be absolutely certain but that one doesn't worry me much.