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Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Stitches



Junior member
May 27, 2012
Hi All

Finally plucked up the courage to move to a new practice which has been recommended on this site - first appt in a few weeks. My old dentist has been telling me for ages to have the upper left wisdom tooth out - but when I had the upper right one out it was a nightmare and I ended up with dry socket. Add to this a failed anaesthetic during a tooth removal as a child I'm not keen on more extractions.

The big worry I have is the open wound/socket whilst it heals. I'd feel more comfortable and less panicky if the wound/socket was stitched. Can anyone advise if this is something I can reasonably ask for - it'd make me feel a lot more comfortable during the healing period and less panicky?
Yes, you can ask for the socket to be packed and sutured. I have done this for all of my extractions since I got dry socket. It doesn’t prevent getting dry socket (you must also follow all of the rules and not smoke, drink from a straw, drink carbonated beverages), but it is another measure to help you heal.
I'd have no issues with popping in a couple of sutures if it made the patient happier, can't see why your dentist would have a problem doing it.
Thanks all - appreciate the advice. Gives me some comfort that it's not a daft request to make :)