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Wisdom tooth extraction + IV Sedation worries



Junior member
Apr 26, 2016
Hey All,

I'm finally getting around to having my wisdom teeth removed - I am scheduled for November 30th! I had my consult and my surgeon seems to be kind and knows what he's doing. I'm not too worried about the actual procedure.

However, I am scared of IV sedation. Having never been sedated (and being phobic of medications and being in any mind-altered states), I am anxious about what it will feel like. I've watched countless videos of people going under and really, I wish I hadn't. Watching their eyes go weird and the slurred speech makes me very nervous. I hate the idea of saying something stupid, not being in control of my body or my brain, and just generally not knowing what it will feel like when it's me.

My mom had hers removed last year at 52, and she went through it just fine. My wisdoms are fully erupted (not impacted) and just too much for my tiny mouth. I have been told that my procedure will be pretty quick, which is great, but I still feel soooo nervous about the sedation. I know it's an option /not/ to do it, but part of me wants to do it just to know what it'll feel like. I have other procedures (far more scary imo) that I must get that will require IV sedation in the sorta near future. I kind of feel like I need to be able to do it with something like this first so I am less scared then.

My current plan is to be brave and just... let it happen. I think I'm going to agonize for the next few weeks and then when it's time, keep my eyes closed the entire time. I guess what I'm looking for here is comfort and explanations of what it felt like. I've read things about weird tastes in peoples mouths (not keen on that), feeling prickly and weird (not into that either), and feeling fuzzy. Another question I have: when they remove the IV, do I start to feel more... normal? At least to my knowledge? I may be slow and slurry on the outside but do I at least feel like myself on the inside???

I know this is all a lot but... I'm not excited. Well, I want these things out of my face, but I am dreading this IV.
I understand that it can seem scary. For an anxious patient I think it is a God send. I’ve been sedated about 10 times and my experience has been the same each time. Because I hate needles I ask for laughing gas as soon as I get in the chair so that I’m calm for the iv. I’ve also had it done without the laughing gas. Once they start the iv I fall “asleep” within 10 seconds. The oral surgeon tells me to relax and I’m out. I wake up I anther room in a recliner chair. I walk there myself but never remember it. When you wake up you are groggy and sleepy for awhile but that’s it.
honestly, if I could get knocked out for all of my dental work I would. I have major dental anxiety.
Hi Jokermoreau :welcome:,

if being medicated and in any mind-altered state is your phobia and the iv sedation worries you more than your actual procedure, then the wisest thing would be to get the teeth out with just local anesthetic. However, if you would like to use it as a preparation for your future procedures where iv sedation will be unavoidable, then this is a good approach too. Remember that getting through procedures we are scared of is not about getting rid of the fear before the procedure, but to make it through the procedure and feel the sense of victory after it's done.

There are a lot of success stories regarding iv sedation here on the forum, so feel free to take a look. It might be more encouraging than any videos you can find out there.

Have you talked about your fears with your surgeon? Did he manage to reassure you?

I never had iv sedation myself, but from reading on the forum, you will get hooked and in the next second it's over, although IV sedation dose can get adjusted to make you remember glimpses, if you would like to be more aware. The point is that while you will be awake during the procedure, you won't remember anything afterwards due to the medication which causes memory loss. It might be a good idea to talk to your sedationist about this and ask what to expect.

I get your fear about saying something "stupid". Well, assuming that all people say something "stupid" during their iv and assuming that your surgeon has years of experience and treats several patients under iv every day, if they all say stupid things then it's not a problem as he hears it the whole day and doesn't care. However, it is not too possible to talk during a dental treatment anyway so chances are you won't say anything stupid simply because you can't talk during a dental treatment..

Feel free to vent here, fear sucks and it's ok to have all kinds of fears, worries and thoughts.

All the best wishes and keep us posted