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Wisdom tooth extraction pain after 2 weeks.



Junior member
Nov 22, 2020
I had my wisdom tooth out 2 weeks ago tomorrow it was a pretty rough procedure and the few days after I had an awful time with it. It then became easier after around 5-7 days but I was unable to open my mouth more than 2cm. I did some jaw exercises on day 8 and managed to extend my jaw back to normal with some discomfort but was better as I could eat and brush my teeth properly!
I then went to my dentist on day 10 who said i had really good movement and healed well and removed the stitches but had to add some antiseptic dissolvable sort of gauze into the wound as part of it hadn’t quite healed he told me it shouldn’t be long until it’s back to normal. All happy.
Later that day I started getting the same pain as I did at the beginning (not as bad mind) where it hurts to swallow and touch my jaw, can’t poke my tongue out or move it around and can’t open my mouth again.
Does this sound normal? Dentist didn’t mention anything about pain etc. Could it be from where he’s irritated the area by removing stitches and applying gauze into the wound or possibly an infection? Thanks in advance!!!


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi there,

not a dentist so can‘t tell you whether it‘s normal, I just know that struggles to open mouth can happen after a wisdom tooth removal. If you had no pain during the check-up, I see how your dentist thought it would stay the same. If you’re still in pain, then calling your practice and ask what it may be may be the best approach. Dental practices are used to get calls from patients after treatment.

All the best wishes