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Wisdom tooth extraction questions.



Junior member
Nov 18, 2015
Hello everybody! :) I am new here. Hope everyone is well! I have a question(s). So exactly 9 days ago I got my wisdom teeth removed. I am also a type 1 Diabetic. Needless to say I was terrified! I got put out through the iv. Woke up and was completely fine. Everything went perfectly!! No pain or nothing.
One tooth had to be surgically removed because it was not erupted yet. So I had to get stitches. The stitches were disposable. I was rinsing with salt water two days ago and I noticed something that felt like food particles. I looked in the mirror and saw my stitches were barely hanging on! Needless to say they came out. I didn't think anything about it.
So the next day I take a peek inside my mouth... And I freaked out. There was a hole where the stitches were. The worst part that scared me was, there is a yellow/orange thing connected to the hole. At first I thought it was pus... Instantly had an anxiety attack. Then I thought it was more stitches?! I don't know what it is. It won't come out when I rinse or irrigate it. I have no real pain or anything besides sometimes chewing it kind of hurts. It also feels tingly at times. It also feels itchy at times, not terribly itchy. But barely noticeable.
Is this all normal and Okay? I have no follow up appointment with the surgeon, he was confident I would heal up okay. I was given antibiotics through the iv and I'm currently on penicillin.
Sorry for the long post, I'm just freaking out if everything is normal???
Thank you to anyone who can help! :)
Update: I'm starting to believe that "yellow/orange thing" is new tissue forming. One more question I forgot to ask, it's been 9 days. Am I still at risk of developing dry socket?