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Wisdom tooth extraction site healing question



Junior member
Oct 14, 2019
I had a wizzy extracted two months ago and thought everything was healing fine. It’s a big hole but no pain. On my last visit to the dentist I was told the site hadn’t changed in the last couple of weeks and might need cleaning out and resuturing, but we’d wait another month before doing anything. I am gutted I thought everything was fine, I’ve had loads of work done recently and thought the extractions were behind me, but now I’m worrying all over again. I still don’t have any pain, just a bit of tenderness from the dentist poking around….Has anyone else ever experience this after a tooth extraction
Sorry you got a bad news just when you thought everything was fine. I can see why this made you upset. I have never had such an experience myself but a month sounds like a long time so really hope your extraction site finds a way to get well by itself...
Hello erming, what finally happened?
Hello glamshine4ever,
Thanks for the message. It healed up perfectly on its own in the end. Took a long time but I was so glad it didn't need any further treatment.
Thank you for the reply, I am dealing with a similar issue had an extraction one month ago and still a big hole, but no pain. I am reading that normally heals fast during one month time but mine is not, is so lazy I guess so your story was interesting and wanted to know what happened at the end. So generally took three months to heal?
Yes a good three months. I still have a big gap but the hole has healed over and is smooth.