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Wisdom tooth extraction site still sore 3 months later



Junior member
Mar 21, 2023

I had my bottom right wisdom tooth extracted at the start of March because of a large cavity that led to an infection in the roots of the tooth.

The procedure seemed to go okay, but I've had soreness that I get virtually everyday still. The hole is almost sealed now, but the extraction site is still very sensitive. If I get food near it this can cause it be sore, if something to cold goes near it that can also cause pain. I keep it as clean as I can, but the site feels tender and still bleeds quite easily if I try and clean too much.

Do I just wait it out for longer? I had my dentist check it out about a month ago and didn't see any issue. I'm in my early 30's so they said recovery can take longer because of my age. 3 months just seems like it should have fully healed by now.
Seems a bit longer than one would expect. I'd ask them to take another look.