Wisdom Tooth Extraction Story - 4 erupted teeth



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Dec 10, 2017
Hi Everyone!
I utilized this site A LOT prior to my extractions and wanted to pay it forward and share my story.

I had all 4 wisdom teeth erupted with no issue! When I went for my cleaning they found a cavity in my top left wisdom tooth and told me since it's already been filled, i need both left wisdom teeth removed. I made an appointment with the oral surgeon and told him just to take all four out because I don't want to come back again. My roots were no problem and the complexity of my pull was a 1 on a scale from a 1 - 10.

With that, I decided to just do Novocaine for the procedure. It required 10 shots and only four of them were uncomfortable (this was the worst part!). I waited about 10 minutes to numb then the oral surgeon came back in to start (please note I used headphones because I was worried about the sounds!).

It took 1 minute to do both top teeth - I didn't feel or hear anything and didn't know they were out until I asked. The right lower was out by minute three - this one had more pressure. The left bottom got stuck and the root broke out and he had to go in and get it out. Still, I felt nothing! Just a little pressure but no pain at all. Total time for extraction was 5:20 minutes (I made him a bet he couldn't do it in 5 minutes, he was close :)) . Please note, I did not get stitches, just left with gauze in my mouth and antibiotics to take.

The next two days were just soreness and stiffness where I couldn't open my mouth all the way. I iced a lot and had no swelling. I took just Advil (did not use the pain meds) and my antibiotics for 7 days - I did not have a syringe like some people do so just rinsing after everything I eat with salt water. By day 3 I was eating meatballs and pasta and didn't have too much of a problem eating. I did have throbbing pain on the left side for about 5 days due to the root being stuck! But by day 8 I was completely fine eating and drinking with no issues. I am now 2 weeks out from the extraction and everything feels fine and the sockets are closing up!

I hope this in some way helps someone. I personally went for the Novocaine only option because I couldn't see the worth in being put under and paying so much when I know people who have had impacted teeth and stayed awake during the procedure.