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wisdom tooth extraction under i.v sedation really scared!!



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Jan 17, 2012
Hi i am very very nervous of the dentists and i am probably one of their worst patients as i am always nervous at dentists! this week i have a appointment to have a tooth extraction of wisdom tooth under i.v sedation along with 2 fillings but i am scared. I have actually been to the same dental centre few years back to have another tooth removed but i remember nothing of it apart from falling asleep and then waking up later when it was all completed i was very comfortable and did like that centre.
What worries me is i had a endoscopy 2 years ago under sedation but i woke up half way and it was a awful experience i was very dissapointed and it just was very unpleasent, now i am worried that i may wake up again during this sedation for my tooth! they have reasured me that shouldnt happen but they have said i will not be asleep but i will feel like i am asleep when i last went there i actually thought they gave me a general anesthitic. I am so nervous about it. has anyone else had there wisdom tooth/teeth removed by iv sedation and how did it work for you? the dental centre i am going to is a very well known place it is based in west london. please help im worried sick for next few days untill i get it done :(:(

I've had IV twice recently and I'm booked for me 3rd lot in 2 weeks. It seriously is the best thing in the world. I woke/was slightly aware towards the end of my first lot of treatment (15 extractions) but was absolutely fine, was in no pain what so ever as they still give you the local injections when u first go to sleep which completely numb u. For my 2nd lot I remember nothing at all. Was just like a general but safer. My phobia is massive, i have panic attacks at the dentist not in normal life and being able to have IV has enabled me to fix my teeth. Have a search for IV and many good stories on here will come up including mine.

Good luck. :)

An IV sedation is a safer and much more effective than oral sedation sedation.
When you take a pill the, you take a certain amount of sedative material which might not be optimal: for example will not last the hall treatment. On the other hand, in IV sedation there is the ability to titrate the amount of the sedative agent.
Of course, IV sedation is more complicated than an oral one: the dentist has to have the equipment, the knowledge and the experience, but it is safer and better.
thanks for all your replies i can understand it is safer but i woke up with my last sedation which was not a good experience so what if that happens again? this is what im worried about. :(
thanks for all your replies i can understand it is safer but i woke up with my last sedation which was not a good experience so what if that happens again? this is what im worried about. :(

They should top it up if that happens. That's the beauty of i/v sedation over oral sedation, they can give you just the right amount for you and adjust at any stage as they go along.
Hi everyone just to let you know i had the wisdom tooth extraction today and the sedation worked very well i dont remember anything apart from being woken up so i was happy about that. i have some soreness and a little pain near the ear and obviously feels odd not having a tooth there too although i have noticed some of my near by teeth are feeling very uncomftable and irritating i had some fillings done at the same too but i am finding it more uncomftable where the other teeth are rather then where they taken the wisdom tooth out, is that normal at all? o_O