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Wisdom tooth infection? Very scared!



Junior member
Dec 24, 2017
Hi everyone,

I'm a 19 year old girl. About a year and a half ago, I noticed my bottom two wisdom teeth started crowning. They aren't completely broken through yet, but they are visibly coming in. My right one has given me no problems. It never hurts, although I do get occasional food stuck in there sometimes. The left one is the one that's been giving me consistent hell. I think it's growing in crooked so there's a bit of a crater, and food ALWAYS gets stuck in the crater, and causes irritation. There have been a few occasions where the gum around the tooth has swelled and been in pain, but I always thought it was from food getting trapped back there and causing irritation. Well I did a bad thing. I'm currently dealing with this as we speak, and I turned to Dr. Google. google says this is most likely pericoronitis, and if left untreated, it could spread and kill me :scared: just what I needed to hear. So now I'm thinking back to all the times I've had the pain, and scaring myself into thinking I could've died each time. I haven't seen a dentist for my growing wisdom teeth. The last time I saw a dentist (about 2 years ago), they were extremely rude and insensitive to me.. I have a terrible gag reflex so it was hard to do the X-Rays. They didn't make me comfortable and I was nervous to go back so my mom said we would find another dentist that accepted my insurance. Well it's been a busy, financially rough two years with constant trouble from the insurance company so we haven't gotten around to it, which is now scaring me to death. The tooth in question has a small cavity (I'm one of the unlucky few who gets cavities super easily), and I fear that this infection is going to spread and kill me. I've read so many horror stories online that I'm afraid to go to a dentist and get this checked out because I'm afraid they'll take the tooth out, causing me to die days later from an infection. I'm afraid to let it sit because I don't want to risk dying due to negligence, and I'm afraid to go on penicillin or any antibiotic because these people always seem to die after taking an antibiotic or getting the tooth out. Is this as common as the internet is making it seem? Do i have some time to spare while I look for another dentist? or should I just go to my PCP, get an antibiotic and a referral to an oral surgeon? Has anyone dealt with this specific issue? I'm scaring myself silly:cry:


Well-known member
Jan 24, 2012
England, UK
Hiyer, I've replied on the thread you started today in detail (as this original post wasnt seen and replied to yesterday). I've noticed you are 19, the exact same age I had problems with my impacted wisdom teeth. Please do read my other replies, but also remember, these problems most likely resolve over time and after a year or so mine never returned. One of those 'growing into your body' issues with age I'm afraid, for many people. Incidentally, my daughter is 19 and is having similar issues.