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Wisdom tooth is out! General Anaesthetic Success story!



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Jun 7, 2024

I just wanted to post on this forum as it has helped me a lot in the past reading through others experiences and helping me to know what to expect etc. So first of all thank you to anyone who has ever posted - I have had a dental phobia all my life and still very much have a limit of what I can cope with, but this site along with other supports I’ve had have helped me to come a long way. You have no idea how sharing experiences has helped me and so many others. So I feel compelled to share my experience from yesterday.

Yesterday I had an impacted, horizontal wisdom tooth removed under General Anaesthetic at my local hospital. This was a very positive experience and the prior build up was worse than anything else! I had to be there for 8am and was taken immediately into a ward. Got asked all of the usual questions about general health etc and then got my blood pressure and other obs taken. My blood pressure was very high, understandable and has been high since my pre-op appointment last week. I was a shaking mess, and when the anaesthetist came to visit me I totally broke down in a panic attack, he was so lovely and let me have my panic whilst reassuring me. Then the dental surgeon came in to explain the procedure, I know this can help some people but for me I’d rather not know this part! I told her to stop talking (nicely!) and she totally understood. As my blood pressure was so high and there were 3 patients in front of me on her surgery list, she decided to move me up to first in the queue. As nerve wracking as this was, it gave me no time to think and panic any further, and I was taken to theatre at 9am. I didn’t see the actual operating theatre, I was in another room and this was where the anaesthetic was given to me via IV. I do not have a fear of needles, but if you did the staff are very supportive and you’d get through it. All I remember was the walls going fuzzy. My husband was there waiting for me on the ward and he said I got out of the recovery room and back to the ward for 10.55am. I think you are in the recovery room for a bit, I don’t remember much here apart from falling in and out of consciousness and the blood pressure machine pumping up and down a few times on my arm.
Back on the ward, I was very groggy and falling in and out of sleep for who knows how long! I kept saying I had the sensation that I was falling but my husband thinks this is because I was drifting in and out. I was checked on many times and eventually was staying awake a wee bit longer each time I woke up. The nurses made sure my drip was topped up with strong painkillers and anti sickness medication, and eventually they offered me something to eat so I managed to eat a yogurt. In terms of pain, I was very numb on one side and my throat was sorer than my mouth, so can’t say I was in a lot of pain really. The wisdom tooth I had removed was 80% under the gum, so I have a few dissolvable stitches (didn’t want to know how many and I haven't felt or looked at them yet!) I was discharged about 5pm once I was awake for long enough and was able to pee. They gave me strong painkillers away with me and guidance on how to keep everything clean, it’s the same stuff everyone else has been saying on their stories. Warm water and salt, no gargling and being very gentle etc. I went home and lay on the couch feeling very tired, a bit sore but overall very relaxed and in control. Walking around the house was dodgy, my husband had to follow me around as I was very lightheaded and dizzy most of the evening, but totally manageable.
Just now, it is 6.30am the following day (day 1 recovery) and I’ve slept through the night from 10pm with no painkillers since going to bed. I’ve woken up feeling sore (like I’ve been punched) and my throat is feeling very irritated, but this will all pass soon as I’ve topped up the painkillers. I expect when I do get out of bed I won’t have the lightheadedness anymore. I feel so proud of myself for being able to do this, and I’m extremely grateful to our NHS who I cannot fault and who have been so lovely and compassionate.
Since being forced at 18 years old to go to the dentist with toothache and I couldn’t even sit on the chair, I’ve definitely come a long way. I was referred for hypnotherapy and counselling due to a bad experience aged 6. I wouldn’t say hypnotherapy completely worked for me, but something mentally clicked as before this I couldn’t even have a conversation with anyone about dental things, never mind type this essay! It took a very long time, but I can now attend the dentist every 6 months and get treatments done up to a filling without a panic attack. I have also had 2 years of braces so orthodontic treatment too! I’m sure I'll continue to use this website in future as like I said, I still very much have a phobia and a limit to what I can tolerate. But I would be so happy to answer anyone’s questions about my experiences and if I can offer help or support to just one person this would make my day.
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Thanks so much for sharing your story here @GSte10 - somebody recently commented that nobody had posted any wisdom teeth success stories recently so it's great to hear your testimony. Congratulations and wishing you a quick recovery :grouphug: