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Wisdom tooth leaking



Jan 7, 2020
Hello I noticed last night while brushing that my wisdom tooth was leaking pus. I have had no pain however there is a flap of gum still covering some of the tooth. There is no pain or noticeable swelling, the pus also leaked again this morning. Does this mean it’s infected. I have health anxiety and am terrified that it is going to leak into my bloodstream and I will be sick over Christmas holidays. Will I need antibiotics or a full blown extraction :( terrified
What tends to happen is a bit of food gets stuck under the flap and decays away. If it's able to leak out into your mouth then fine, it'll be destroyed in your stomach. (very hostile place your own stomach!)
If you're having no other symptoms then you won't need anything done with it. Try rinsing round with warm salty water to draw out as much as you can.
It won't "leak into your bloodstream", the worst case is that you get a stiff jaw and a bit of discomfort, but if that was going to happen it would have already.