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Wisdom tooth playing up?



Junior member
Dec 30, 2020
My wisdom tooth is under my gum laying horizontal and I think it's playing up but not sure I have pain in the tooth at back and the one next to scared. So scared it's my wisdom tooth causing nerves in my teeth to hurt top and bottom as I would be frightened of having gum cut to take wisdom tooth out I am such a baby ?
I had a large filling done several weeks ago it hurt for a few days after then fine for 3 weeks now pain back but can't tell what tooth it is as the pain spreads through 3 teeth 2 at the bottom and 1 at top
How is it now?
Exactly what happened to me. I had a root canal then my impacted wisdoms started acting up
Update the tooth I had filled was fine it was the tooth next to it with the cavity so had to have another filling and injection I was so nervous I hate injections the pain gone now but feels sensitive where the new filling is to the cold.
Not sure but just before all this happen I had my teeth throughly cleaned and ever since then I started getting toothache not sure if that started anything off.
How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? I’m 37 with all my wisdom teeth in