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Wisdom tooth removal success



Junior member
Aug 19, 2013
I had my wisdom teeth removed this morning under iv sedation.3 wisdom teeth and a molar, all were fully erupted but 1 wisdom tooth was broken off at the gumline. I was nervous about getting it done but I figured it wouldn't be to bad since I would be asleep, then I found out that Iv sedation didn't mean you would be asleep only tranqulized :cry: So of course I got really nervous then. What if I felt pain during it, what if I felt pain and couldn't tell them! What if I was fully aware of what was going on and could hear the noises!
Well here's how it happened... I took my valium a hour before my appointment as instructed. About 30 minutes after taking it I felt pretty calm, a little tired and just a little drugged. My husband drove me to the surgeon, they start getting me ready or surgery and they wanted to check my sugar since I'm a diabetic. Turns out it was high and they wouldn't do the surgery unless it came down some, they had me take a little insulin. After about a hour passed it was at a good range and he agreed to do the surgery. They told me they would monitor my sugar during surgery and that if it went low they had something to put in the iv that would bring my sugar back up. By this time the Valuim had worn off a good bit :( So I was pretty nervous. They had me rinse with some anti bacterial mouth wash and put some numbing meds on the spots where the shots would go (they didn't give the shots till I was out tho) and had me go in the room where they would do the surgery. They gave me a blanket to cover up with and started hooking me up to monitors, blood pressure cuff and something to measure my oxygen level. I was starting to shake I was so nervous. They gave me some happy gas They put they iv in, it wasn't bad just a little pinch. He told me I would start feeling sleepy. I layed there about a minute or so while they finished getting stuff ready. I'm like oh gosh Im not feeling sleepy, I was like I m going to remember all of this. All kinda of things was running through my head, How could I not be feeling sleepy yet! Then I woke up 20 minutes later lol I never remember feeling tired. They asked how I felt, I told them I felt fine. They said you did great, we re going to take you in another room for a little while to let the meds wear off some, we ll bring you re husband in there to sit with you. My face and tongue was still really numb. They gave me instructions on after care and wheeled me out to our truck. I felt kinda tired but I didn't feel loopy. We went home and I ate some soup and some milk shake(but not through a straw) and went to sleep. When I woke up my mouth was no longer numb.it was a little sore but probably not even as bad as a sore throat. I still feel a little tired but no pain other then being a little sore. :) I m so glad its over but I hate that I stressed for no reason at all. I hope this helps anyone that is nervous about surgery, its really nothing to worry about. I wish you all the best :)


Dec 22, 2012
Boston, Massachusetts
Well done Audrey! Hope you are on the mend and taking it easy. Congrats on being so brave! :jump::jump::jump:

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