Wisdom tooth removal under local anaesthetic



Oct 6, 2010

A few days ago I got my wisdom tooth removed with just local anaesthetic. This is a procedure I'd dreaded for around 20 years, and was pretty mortified when I discovered that it had to be done. TLDR: The entire appointment took 15 minutes, I barely felt the injections (including the palatal) and the experience was comparable to a pedicure/haircut. My dentist is clearly very good, but also I think it's true that dentistry has changed. Oh and hypnosis may have helped too.

I wasn't actually that nervous on the day (this may have been because I was doing hypnosis audible books for the anxiety). I think the low anxiety on the day helped the entire procedure be easier. I told my dentist that I wasn't feeling as nervous as I expected, and that I was mostly concerned about the palatal injection. Things in the chair moved very quickly, which felt good. A bit on numbing gel on the buccal side of the gum, quickly followed by the first injection. She warned me that the palatal would feel sharp and to take a breath, and then very quicly flipped the needle to the palate side and injected. Honestly it didn't feel particularly sharp, it felt odd. Maybe that's because the buccal injection had a numbing effect or due to clever pressure anaesthesia. The injection wasn't actually slow either - it took maybe 6 seconds.

As for the process of removing the tooth it's painless, and I didn't really feel the pressure/movement that people talk about. There was some scraping, an audible crack followed by the tooth being removed. This part probably took 5-7 minutes. Super easy.

As for the post-operative pain, it's really not bad. The pain from braces is far, far worse. I would say it's comparable to the pain from a mouth ulcer.

If I were told I needed the other wisdom tooth out, I'd feel almost no nervousness. I hope this helps someone else out there who's worried about this operation. And thank you to the people who've answered by questions on here too.


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Aug 24, 2021
Hi Merlin

I’m really glad to read your story. I’m worried about possibly needing wisdom teeth removed as I’ve only ever heard bad things, but it’s great to know braces are worse as I’ve been there, done that! This has really put me at ease in case I need it.

Hope you’re still doing good.