Wisdom Tooth Removal Update



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May 24, 2020
Hi everyone!

I posted in here a few months ago about how I was told just before lockdown I would need my wisdom tooth removed as it was showing signs of decay and I am absolutely terrified about it, well I had an x-ray done just before lockdown to see how bad my tooth was, and i finally got my review over the phone this morning!

I have now just found out I will actually need the two bottom teeth out not just the one, so all the work I have done on myself to try and calm myself down (hypnotism etc), over these past few months feels like it has been undone currently!

Due to my anxiety I am having it done under IV sedation which also terrifies me, the thought of losing all control and being knocked unconscious by drugs is really scary to me!

My 6 monthly checkup was meant to be first week of September but we rescheduled to January instead, but the dentist wanted to discuss my xray before then hence why he phoned today, now I have a big decision to make do i ask to be referred now and potentially get given a date this year which means I will have to go into surgery alone (which also terrifys me) or wait until January and hopefully get given a date which means my mum can come in with me for reassurance! I am so scared of having an official date but at the same time I don't want to spend the next few months worrying about it!

Apparently there is quite a long waiting list so it probably wouldn't even be this year, but I am so scared of it being this year and having to go in alone, my mum has to come in with me for checkups i'm so scared, and even the thought of doing my checkup in January alone is scary enough, I feel so silly but just wanted to update you all as my anxiety is getting bad again about it

I'm hoping they will let me take something beforehand so i don't have a massive panic attack beforehand, but my brother said you have to be really careful as if you combine the oral sedative with IV sedative you could go into respiratory arrest (which has scared me even more!) but i don't think i can go through with it without it!

Any advice would be really helpful thank you! :)


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Dec 22, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Regarding the oral sedatives, as long as you inform the dentist treating you, and it would be preferable to ask the dentist if it’s ok before, they will make sure you do not have any of those interactions that could cause issues.

Regarding having your mum accompany you for your support, remember that we don’t know how things will progress going forward. On my side, I had heart surgery in August. I was glad I could get this operation done and fix my issue even though no one could accompany me in the hospital. Remember that staff will be there to help you and they want your best.