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Wisdom tooth removal



Junior member
Feb 25, 2022
Hello I’m getting my wisdom teeth 4 out tomorrow at 9am under IV sedation and being given Valium for beforehand I’m VERY nervous and just looking for some hope or support from others who have been through the same thing!
Mostly afraid of the sedation feeling will I feel drunk? Will I disassociate? Will I feel uncomfortably high?
I had iv sedation recently once they insert the sedation was gone didnt feel anything nor recall anything it was amazing . Youll be fine
@heatherPETR How did it go today? Hope you are recooperating well and it went well! Let us know how you are doing?
Thank you for checking in it went really well! I remember the medicine going in and then waking up! It was so easy I would honestly do it again! Always feel so silly worrying like crazy and it’s never as bad as you think it will be.
@heatherPETR really glad to hear it went well. IV sedation usually has an amnesiac effect...hence you not remembering the inbetween. Hope its healing well.
Take care