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wisdom tooth removal



Feb 9, 2010
I just wanted to post to help anyone on here who has the same fears as me.
i managed to pass my phobia of going dentist and im fine with having fillings etc but they mention extraction it fills me with dread i sweat and feel sick and as tho the world is going to end.

i had an impacted lower wisdom tooth which over the years had grown into and caused a cavity below gumline in the adjacent tooth.when this tooth broken at xmas and my dentist telling me it needed extracting i was in pieces,they told me due to the difficult nature of wisdom tooth would be a hospital surgical removal.

i didnt fancy that idea either as ive never been in hospital b4 or had a g.a
and was convinced i wasnt gonna wake up again,that combined with the fact i have a severe needle phobia.
i mentioned to my dentist and she referred me to have a total of 4 teeth out at the same time,the upper wisdom tooth,the impacted one,broken one and another which had never grown in the right place.

I was so agitated n the closer the day got was convinced i would back out,but i knew this had 2 be done whether now or later,so i was brave n faced my fears.

i went into hospital yesterday at 12.45pm spoke to the maxofacial surgeon who told me it was all simple enough n that she would put stitches in afterwards.
i sat in the theatre still thinkin this is my last chance to make a run for it heheheh but i didnt,and all i can say is im so glad i confronted my fear,it was nowhere near as bad as i thought.

i dont know how long i was out but she told me it would take literally 1 min per tooth,my bf said i was gone about 1.5hrs but i had 2 wait ages in the theatre as they ran out of trolleys lol.
once the needle was in,and i hardly felt a thing as he was asking me to cough as he inserted it within 3 seconds everything became a blur

when i came round i did feel a bit sicky but i told the nurse leave me alone im sunbathing in cyprus!!!! hahahaha so it cant have been that bad if that was the first thing i thought of,the worst part for me was havin that cannula removed i wanted to cry like a baby lol.

they sent me home with tablets pain relief etc but i can honestly say i have had no pain whatsoever from the extraction site,my jaw feels stiff and cant fully open my mouth and i have had no bleeding whatsoever.

now its over i feel relieved and to anyone else who is as fearful as i was,it really is not as bad as i was expecting,i had bad extraction experience as a kid and hence was adamant i would never have teeth extracted again.

but i am alive and here to tell the tale so if anyone else is in the same boat as me if you get offered the opportunity and cant bear to be awake while having teeth extracted i would definitely recommend it,im so glad i faced my fear and now i can be worry free :)
Well done, wishing you a speedy recovery.

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