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Wisdom Tooth Removed



Junior member
Jul 9, 2021
Hi everyone!

So my story starts a number of years ago - I went to the dentist for a checkup and they had to do a root canal on my Right Back Wisdom tooth. The dentist was so mean and patronising that it terrified me from going back - she made me feel so small and it was clear she looked down on me. So, when the tooth fell apart, I was terrified to go back to the dentist.

Eventually (as in 2 years later), I got the courage to go to a new dentist. He was nothing but patient and kind. He gave me a filling on another tooth, but said the wisdom tooth would need to be surgically extracted. He then sent a referral to the NHS, but nothing ever came of it. I was still so scared and ashamed of my tooth, so didn't mention anything.

It was only after Covid-19 that I went back to the dentist. Miraculously, all my other teeth were okay! I mentioned the missing referral, and he said he'd send another one, but within a week of that appointment, I had pain on the wisdom tooth. He had told me to go back to see him if I had pain, and so I dutifully did (proud of myself for being brave, haha!)

Unfortunately, because there was an inflamed, raw nerve on the tooth, when he tried to inject local anaesthetic into the nerve, it hurt so much it made me cry. It was the one and only time I've ever cried during a medical procedure, despite having had a number of painful procedures done. I left crying, but I knew I needed to take action regarding my tooth, so I decided to go the private route.

My husband was so kind and offered to ring the private oral surgeons nearby to see if anyone was available. The first practice didn't have appointments for a while, but the second had one in just a few weeks. Even better, when I sent my details through, they said someone had cancelled and I could have an appointment in 4 days time.

Cut to today - I was terrified for most of the day. They were unsure about whether I would have surgery today, so I went in not even knowing if the tooth could come out. Half of me wanted it to, half of me was terrified. Again though, the dentist and his assistant were so kind - they explained everything that would happen before starting, and were kind and supportive througout. I was also pleasantly surprised that all they needed to use was local anaesthesia, as I was worried they would say they needed more and I'd be rescheduled.

They had me have some antibiotics and ibuprofen before swirling my mouth with a rinse. Then they used some local anaesthetic and got to work, drilling and removing the tooth. Part way through, I experienced a tiny bit of pain and alerted the dentist, who was able to add more anaesthesia.

In about 15 minutes, the whole thing was done. I now have a bit of a road to recovery, but the tooth is out, and I feel so relieved! I had felt so small and ashamed at the fact I had let my tooth get into that state, but I'm now so proud of myself for facing my fears.

I wanted to add a huge thank you to everyone who uses this forum. Throughout my tooth ordeal, I lurked on this forum looking for advice and support, and learning what others had gone through. It helped so much to see people who had been brave, and encouraged me to be brave too. It also helped so much to know what others experienced so I could enter the dentist knowing what was likely to happen. Thank you so much to everyone who contributes here!